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The Veil Extract Three

An extract from Aaron’s funeral.

The peace was broken by David’s voice. As he spoke, Naomi came back to the room. Where she had been she didn’t know, her mind was black and empty. She had thought of nothing, blanked out for a moment or two. ‘Please be seated’ said David calmly.

He coughed gently, composing himself and trying to lift the atmosphere from the depths of sadness he continued ‘Let us remind ourselves that the dead do not reside in the grave, or an urn, but in the hearts and minds of the living. And that is surely where Aaron is with us all now.’ He was struggling again with his words. His eyes were red as he looked at Naomi with a look of such pity for her, that for the first time, her heart went out to him. He had been so brave to do this for her. ‘Look round the room, the town, the country and the world and there can surely be no-one like Aaron. He still lives on in our memories. And although he is no longer visible in our lives, he must still remain a member of our families and circle of friends through the influence he had on us, and the special part he played in our lives.’

Aaron looked on aghast. He was sitting now on the steps next to the catafalque where his body had been moments ago. He was determined to remain an influence on his family and friends. In his mind, he wasn’t dead yet. Whilst he still roamed this earth, whether visible or not, he would make sure that somehow he would be able to influence those dear to him, and to finally find a way to tell Naomi that he loved her more than anything this world or the next could throw at him. He looked long and hard at Naomi, sitting just feet away from him but an eternity distant all the same. The veil between them was very thin and he was convinced he could make it back through, just for a moment or two to tell her how he felt. He was beginning to feel calmer now the ceremony was coming to an end and that Naomi could start a new life, with her invisible guardian angel never far away from her. If only she knew.

David’s voice sounded again. ‘We are nearly at the end of the ceremony now, but before we go, Naomi would like to play the song that she and Aaron first danced to. ‘Your Song’, by Elton John. It is a song greatly admired by many people here and says many things about Aaron and is very appropriate for today, I think.’ David paused for a moment. ‘Naomi, and Aaron’s parents, Jack and Anna Williamson would like you to join them afterwards at a celebration of Aaron’s life at their house. You are all most welcome.’

Somewhere in the back of Naomi’s mind, she heard a piano start playing and she drifted off into a day dream of her first dance with Aaron. She closed her eyes and smiled a secret smile, just for herself. This memory was one she would never share with anyone, it was so precious to her.

Peter and Jane’s wedding reception had been a long day, and everyone had had plenty to eat and drink. The ladies were dancing round handbags and the gents had shed their jackets and ties. The children had crashed out in the hotel reception. The tables were a mess of debris of party poppers, napkins empty wine bottles, beer glasses and napkins. Naomi was sitting alone fiddling with a spoon when he approached. The song had just started and she looked up at the handsome Aaron for the first time.