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The Veil Extract Five

The previous year to the story taking place, Naomi and Aaron went on holiday, this extract is from a flashback/dream of a particular day when a special photograph was taken.

Baking sun shone down on Naomi’s naked back as she lay on a sandy red towel on the beach on the island. There was not a single cloud in the sky as she watched Aaron walk up the sand from the sea, his lean body dripping with salty water. Romantically, she thought he looked like James Bond; all buff, tanned and strong. She smiled to herself and returned her eyes to the paperback she was thumbing through.

A warm breeze flicked up some sand onto Naomi’s towel and with a huff, she brushed it off just as Aaron reached her and accidentally added to it with his footsteps. She growled playfully as he grabbed his towel from the ground and began to rub himself down.

Aaron threw himself down on the sun bed next to hers and placed his hands behind his head, biceps twitching as they warmed in the sun. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “That was a good swim.” he said, sounding happy with himself for what Naomi only considered to be a quick dip rather than a proper swim.

“Was it?” Naomi replied, not looking up from her book. “I’m pleased.”


She turned her head and looked at his profile over the top of her sunglasses. He liked it when she did this. He thought it made her look like a naughty, sexy teacher. He missed it this time though, his eyes were closed and comfortable. Naomi admired his profile. She loved him with all her heart and soul. For such a strong character, she never thought she could love someone with so much passion. He had arrived in her life at a wedding not too long ago. It only took one dance and a conversation for him to completely entrance her. To her, he was now irreplaceable.

That evening, they dressed for dinner after making love in the shower. Their naked skin glowing with the aftermath of orgasm and a dowsing of hot water. It wasn’t a very big shower, but big enough for a their encounter.

The white shirt Aaron had put on seemed to gleam in the light of the hotel bedroom compared to the deepening tan of his body. The shirt was a perfect fit; cut and fitted in all the right places and made him look to her like her own Adonis. She loved looking at him, his body and the way he moved. Everything about him seemed perfect.

Lying on the bed, Aaron watched as Naomi finished drying her hair with what was possibly the worst hairdryer in the world. It seemed to take an age to dry, but it was a pleasure to watch her make herself look even more beautiful. She sat naked in front on the mirror and he could see her back and her front from where he was lying.

Finally, her hair was done, hanging loosely over her shoulders. She stood up and went to the wardrobe. Reaching in, she pulled out two dresses. Turning to Aaron, holding one in front of her, she said “Well, which one?”.

“Umm, don’t know’ he said, ‘let’s see the other one.”

As quick as a flash and a twitch of her hips, Naomi switched the dresses, giving Aaron a tantalising glimpse of her body between them. “Errr, the other one again…” he teased. Again, the dresses quickly changed places giving Aaron another sneaky glimpse. God she was sexy. He considered not bothering going down for dinner, and just lying in bed all night draping themselves over each other.

“The other one.” he said firmly, sniffing.

After dinner and sitting at the poolside bar, they had both had too much to drink, as usual and were laughing like a couple of teenagers when a photographer approached them and snapped their picture.

Aaron had put his arm around Naomi’s shoulders and she was holding her wine glass between the fingers of both hands. Their faces were rosy with booze and after-sun lotion. They looked happy, and they were; The happiest either of them had ever been.

They didn’t need any other company, they were enough for each other at the moment, and besides, they were too wrapped up in each other’s eyes for anyone to get a look-in anyway. Other couples and families in the hotel would look at them having fun and reflect on their own relationships. Maybe they were as happy as them once upon a time. Not now though, and more than one couple were envious.

The photographer told them they could pick the picture up in the morning from his desk in the foyer and pay for it then.

After dancing in the club for most of the night, Naomi and Aaron retired to bed, very drunk indeed, but Aaron had other ideas rather than sleep.

Noisily creeping along the corridor to their room in the kind of sneaky way only drunk people can, Aaron pinned Naomi up against the door with her hands above her head. He kissed her hard. She tasted of wine, he of beer. It was passionate and messy; their tongues not always on target. Grabbing both her wrists with one hand now, Aaron reached for the key to open the door.

Swinging open with a bang, the door bashed into the wall and they both fell through the gap with Aaron surprisingly agile in saving Naomi from hitting the floor. The door closed quietly, isolating them from the outside world. They were alone again.

Naomi hauled herself up off the floor, opened the balcony door and stepped outside.