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The Veil Extract Six

Following on virtually from where the previous extract left off, we find Aaron deciding how to communicate with Naomi. Remember, these extracts are the from the first draft, and may not be in the order they will appear in the final book! Thanks for reading, and please do leave a comment here or on the Facebook Page.

Naomi’s sleeping body had begun to sway a little as if doing a little dance to some music in her head. She was humming quietly. Aaron looked at her adoringly. He put his face close to hers to see if she was saying anything he could understand. He could smell her breath, it had wine on it from the bottle Jane had brought round. It smelt vaguely sweet and he moved his face closer to hers. Without realising it, the end of his nose had started to penetrate Naomi’s cheek. He moved closer still until he could feel her cheek on his and then, and without taking a second thought, he slowly pushed his face all way into Naomi’s head, leaving a thin layer of sweat-like condensation on her skin where he had entered. He could see everything in her dream. Had he really entered her subconscious mind, just by looking inside her head with his? Now this could be interesting, he thought.

Unaware of the visitor in her head, Naomi continued dreaming, reliving the night the photo was taken.

As the dream continued, Aaron stood silently and watched the couple on the balcony move inside to the bed and continue their lovemaking there.

Reviewing the situation he was in, Aaron decided that now was the moment to try and contact Naomi. Her sleeping body laying still now on the bed, her face still damp with the contact of Aaron’s presence. Her subconscious had begun to register that it was not alone and was searching for the source of interruption. The dream ended abruptly. The hotel room vanished, the couple on the bed disappeared leaving nothing but the black swirling of the inside of eyelids at that heavy, semi-conscious relaxed state just before sleep sets in. Her body was so calm she couldn’t feel the position of her limbs but was now very aware that she was not alone and that her face was wet. She began to wake up as her pulse quickened and adrenaline started to pump around her veins.

Feeling the change in her, Aaron quickly took the opportunity to say something. “Naomi” he whispered. Her mind sprang into life at the sound in her head. “Naomi, it’s me, Aaron.”

The voice was so real and alive that it startled her awake. She scrambled up the bed and sat huddled against the head board like she had seen a huge spider on the duvet. She tried to get away from the sound. It sounded like Aaron was actually in the room with her, lying next to her, but there was no-one there. Her breathing was rapid. She felt cold, her whole body had goose bumps and the right side of her face felt wet. She licked her lips. What she tasted was not the salty taste of sweat, but water. Strange. She quickly wiped it away and looked around the room, trying to find where the voice had come from. Her eyes looking panicked as they darted round the room from the dresser to the window and to the bedside table. She noticed that in her scrambling she had knocked over the picture on the bedside table and a coffee cup had emptied itself onto the floor.

Aaron, who had been forced out of her head as she moved up the bed stood and looked on at the confused Naomi. Something he had done clearly got to her. She must have heard him. Encouraged, he tried again. Gingerly, he approached again with the intent of properly conversing with her from inside her head.

They were face to face again as Naomi started to calm down with her hand on her chest feeling her heart banging on her rib cage. Her hair was a damp, matted mess. She slumped back against the headboard.

As before, Aaron slowly started to push his face against hers, bringing their minds closer together. Naomi began to feel a light film of water begin to spread across her face, very slowly, gently. Aaron didn’t want to startle her so he crept in slowly. She froze as her skin prickled all over her body and her heart began to bang loudly in her ears again. Gripped by a sudden and incredible fear, Naomi let the condensation spread over her face. She wanted to get up and run, but there was nothing she could see to get up and run from. She felt paralysed, frozen to the spot, confused and breathing heavily. Adrenaline was shooting round her body, making her feel light headed.

The condensation reached both her ears before Aaron decided to say anything. He had entered her mind again as carefully as he entered her sometimes where they were making love, but this penetration was somehow much more intimate than that. This was entering somewhere where no-one had ever been before.

“Hello, Naomi.”

The voice inside her head sounded again like Aaron was very close to her. It was so clear, crisp, and unmistakably him. She let out a scream and scrambled forwards towards the end of the bed, getting the covers caught around her knees. She thudded onto the floor, landing on her shoulders, legs still tangled up. Kicking furiously to release them in sheer terror, she rolled onto her knees and freed herself. Blindly, in the orange tinged dark of the bedroom, she half staggered, half ran to the bedroom door with arms out in front of her, flung it open and made for the kitchen. Fumbling her fingers quickly down the wall to find the light switch, she clung onto the back of the nearest chair, nearly tipping it over as she leaned most of her weight onto it. She could barely stand; Her knees were weak, shaking though a mixture of terror, confusion and panic. Her hands and arms too, felt like they would give way at any moment. The fluorescent light was flickering on and off, trying to get started. ‘What the fuck was that?’ she panted to herself as she caught her breath and looked back into the empty hallway, terrified of what, or who might come round the corner at any moment.

She put her hand to her heaving chest again in an effort to control her breathing and her heart felt like it could have burst through her chest at any second.

The glowing green clock on the microwave said three seventeen.

Aaron stood at the kitchen door looking very worried. Evidently he had scared Naomi senseless with his attempt to speak to her, but that was the only way he had found so far in which to successfully communicate. All he had achieved was to frighten the poor woman half to death. Angry, he felt himself wanting to shout and scream at her to pay him some attention. He felt it build inside him like a fire.

Naomi looked exhausted. Breathing heavily and looking very worried, she appeared incredibly vulnerable standing there in the kitchen, naked legs trembling and hair all messy. He wasn’t sure if her shivers were from being cold, scared or a combination of both.

Aaron took a single step into the kitchen to try again for a third time, and as he did so, the kitchen light flickered finally into life and Naomi, who was still looking through the door saw him approaching her. With a piercing shriek and almost a jump backwards, she fell over the chair onto the table and heavily onto the floor, her eyes all the time on Aaron who kept moving closer, mouthing some words to her. He looked as frightened as she was, but she was not wanting to stay in that kitchen one moment longer. Crawling on her hands and knees around the other side of the table, as if trying to hide from him, she made her escape back through the kitchen door.

Slamming the door closed behind her, she sat, leaning up against the hall wall in the dark opposite the kitchen door and sobbed loudly.

“Aaron? Is that you?” she whispered as her shoulders were racking themselves up and down and tears were running uncontrollably over her cheeks. “Aaron? Is that you?” she shouted at the kitchen door, shaking her head violently. She didn’t know what to do now.

Aaron was now through the kitchen door and kneeling on the carpet in front of her, looking worriedly straight into her face, but was too scared of her reaction to speak to her again from inside her head. She looked so tired, rung out from everything that had happened to her. He couldn’t possibly put her through something like this again.

“Yes, it is.” He said, knowing that she couldn’t hear him any longer, but just hearing his own voice made him feel better, somehow. “I’m sorry, darling. So sorry.”

“Why Aaron? Why? Why? Why?” her head resting on the wall now, she looked up towards the blackness of the ceiling.

“I don’t know, Naomi. I really don’t know.”

After several minutes of sitting in silence, her eyes having returned to being fixed on the kitchen door, Naomi cautiously made her way back to the bedroom, looking around her all the time to check to see if there was anyone watching her, she reached round the door and grabbed her dressing gown. She quickly put it on, and feeling more secure now and sure there was no-one with her, she went to the living room and sat curled up on the sofa after turning on every light in the room as well as the television. The bright lights and the extra noise made her feel safer. She set the volume on the television higher than normal, so if the voice she heard came back, it might be drowned out by the drivel she started watching.

Everything that had just happened was spinning round her head. She felt invaded, and sat on the sofa protecting herself with legs tucked up beneath her and arms folder, neck wrapped up with the thick dressing gown. The voice was so real, and so Aaron. She must have been dreaming. Must have. But then she had heard it for a second time, and then saw him in the kitchen after it woke her first of all. She did see him, didn’t she? There’s something not right with that. Not right at all. She must have been dreaming, or could she just be so tired that when she woke, the dream lingered on and brought Aaron to the kitchen door, somehow mixing her dream with reality?

She reached for the phone.