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Stuck Again. Writer’s Block Sucks.

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Well, it’s Friday afternoon and I’m stuck. Again.

I’ve arrived at a point in The Veil that is getting really juicy with loads going on plot-wise, and my blasted head has stopped working properly. It could be because I’m tired, or it could be because tonight is the first night of the show I am in, in a nearby village. Most likely though, it is because I am tired.

When I get on a roll with writing, I just let it flow and flow until the silly hours of the morning. When I can do this, I can manage up to around five thousand words a day. It’s good. It feels great and I know the story parts will lead into each other nicely as it was written in one go. Personally, I prefer to write loads all at once for that exact reason. If I have to stop and start with a few hundred words here and there, I find the story loses the flow and become disjointed.

But today! My god! Today has been a nightmare. I know what I want to write. I can see it in my head, but can I get it down in words? Can I heck. I’ve listened to music, that didn’t help, even when I put on something suitable for the scene. I’ve sat quietly and waited for the words to arrive, but nothing did. I’ve eaten something, drank coffee, smoked a few cigarettes…and, nothing.

This block must be because I am tired. I can feel it behind my eyes. Feels like it is pushing them out of their sockets and it hurts.

Perhaps I ought to nap a while. 4am finishes aren’t good for you, especially if you want to get up and write a load more words!

Maybe a little meditation will help. Last time I tried that, I woke up two hours later.