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Coming December 2013 – 'The Veil'

M. Saban-Smith is pleased to announce that his debut novel, ‘The Veil’ will be published in December 2013.

“…Following his sudden and unexpected death, Aiden Williamson is given permission to return to the earthly plain for seven days to visit his partner, Naomi. He is only allowed to tell her that he loves her and that he is safe before returning to continue his journey. If he fails to return, the Principium Angeli will allow Charon, the Ferryman to seek him out and transfer him across the river Styx into Hell.

Not knowing how to communicate with Naomi to pass on his message, Aiden decides to stay as her guardian angel and deal with Charon later, should he ever appear. But there would be more painful events for Aiden to face before the Ferryman catches up with him.

Naomi, convinced by her friend Jane that she has to move on with her life, finds a new friendship, but when this relationship turns intimate, Aiden uses the immense strength of his jealousy to turn the lovers against each other with devastating mental effect.

Undeterred and still unaware that she has a guardian watching over her, Naomi visits a very aged aunt who can see far more than she can and tells Naomi of her own experiences. She knows of the Principium Angeli, and of Charon, and how dangerous they can be to wandering souls. She knows too, that the veil that separates the living from the dead is thin and that it only takes extreme emotion to tear through it and allow departed souls to return.

Naomi faces having to begin her life again and vows to find love and keep it. But, she needs to find a way to help the dead rest and ensure the veil is not torn. She has to live her own life, and not the one her guardian believes she should…”

readtheveilTo read and listen to extracts of The Veil, click the image.