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Want to Know a Secret? A New Book is Born…and This is How.

The year has not yet ended and I have already started work on my new book!
No sooner has ‘The Veil’ been out in the world for readers all over to discover, my next book was born to me last night.

Coming soon...
Coming soon…

I knew what the story was going to be months ago, but this weekend, thanks in no small part to my Dad, the story of ‘The Punch and Judy Man’ truly began to take shape.

So let’s go back a couple of months to when the idea for the new book arrived. This is not so much a statement, more of a question…perhaps it is a rhetorical one…Have you everr looked at someone or something and thought to yourself ‘Yes, that’s the one’, ‘Yep, there’s the thing’, or ‘Oh my God, there is the thing/person I’ve been looking for.’? Well, something like that happened to me and my new story sprang from something I spotted on TV. You’ll have to read the story to get more information!

And now, let me take you back twenty four hours or so to when the plot was born: I was sitting in the kitchen with my girlfriend Sarah, my mum and dad, and I think my children Xander and Clara were there too. I was talking about my current book, The Veil and digressed into the extremely rough plot I had been thinking about for my second book when my Dad said something to me that triggered pretty much the entire story of The Punch and Judy Man off in my head. There it was for me to write down as quickly as I could into my notebook. I’ve never had such a thorough moment of inspiration as that before! It was extremely profound (I use that word a lot, by the way!!).


After writing the basic plot down as it arrived in my head, thanks to Dad’s comical comment of ‘they have an orgy’, I managed to sleep and woke to a world of new ideas. Some of which I managed to scribble down, others were dismissed straight away!

Now, for those of you that don’t know, I work as a rock climbing instructor in a town near me called Alton. Today, the plot lines really began to unfold in my head. Firstly, I was driving my wonderful girlfriend and children Xander and Clara to the wall when a new idea struck me. I had nothing with me to write on, so I had to tap it into my phone! For those of you who work in the world of writing or other creative media, you’ll know that typing an idea into a phone is not the best way to get your idea down accurately! Never-the-less, that’s what I had to do! I hoped that my typing captured everything I hoped it would before the kids got bored!

Throughout the day, I had other small ideas that I had to leave behind. Not because they were rubbish, but because with rock climbing, sometimes you have someone’s life literally in your hands. It doesn’t bother me. I would rather my loved ones and friends are safe. Ideas for plot lines of stories come over and over again. I find that those that are really important are quite tenacious and hang on, not allowing themselves to  be forgotten!

Let me let me you into a secret though…the new book is not just a book! It will be a whole lot more. There was a moment of inspiration this evening that managed to fit everything into place…and now I have more than one story to write for you, plus the book to ut them all into context for you. It may sound complex, but, as the photo here vaguely shows…anything is possible with pens, a pencil, some A3 paper, laptop, tablet, smart phone and a glass of wine!

I’m convinced already that you are going to love what I am going to write for you. Stay tuned. Sign up to my news letter as not everything may be posted here! Take a peek at my Facebook page and Twitter feeds too.