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Graveyard of my Mind Part 2


Part 2

I saw you tonight, with the eyes I fell so badly for,
they were darker than I remember, and consumed by thought.
And then, from the ivy, I saw your hand.

It reached up and I took it willingly in mine
and listened to what you had to say,
You told me all you needed to. Your eyes wouldn’t lie?

For the moment, you are lost,
between who you thought you were and who you actually are,
and you are in need of finding out for certain.

I can see within you who you really are,
Your eyes tell me everything I need to know.
You are not far away, you need to allow yourself to be free.

Time will tell for you, I know it will,
and you will find the right path to walk, and when you do,
be sure to tread it confidently.

You held me. You meant it. I meant it too.
We were together, and there is still something there,
I’m sure you feel it as much as I do, but you deny it to yourself.

You need to find out if your choices are positive,
or are they as destructive as they were before?
This is a lesson we know you must learn alone.

One day, you will show me if I have to pull you from the ivy,
and take you with me, or let it cover you forever,
A reminder of what was, and what might have been.


28th January 2014