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Missing Valentine

valentineIt is cold in here, and so, so lonely,
Pray for me, and hold my hand,
For I wept in the mist of February mornings,
For my missing valentine.

I know she had it in her heart, the light I sought,
and I felt it in her whenever I saw her.
It shone like a beacon, drawing me to her,
My missing valentine.

The blackness created by my mistakes haunted me,
It plagued every thought of every day,
Whilst every thought seemed to be of her,
My missing valentine.

From the fathoms depth of my soul,
to every foot of my elation to be with her.
Everything I did, was with her in mind,
My missing valentine.

She finds herself now with him,
and I feel a gladness for the light in her eyes today.
For what might have been, my heart cries,
But for her happiness, my soul smiles,
My missing valentine.


14th February 2014