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Claim Me


What if I were the only one who could rescue you?
What if I was the only one who could love you like no-one else?

What if I was the only one who could see you for who you really are?
The one who could make you shine as brightly as I know you can.

How would you feel if I were to take you by the hand and show you how love should be,
and not the barbed-wire wrap you find yourself in now?

Reach out to me, and I’ll help you from the stinging binds you find yourself in,
and bring you back to where you should be, where you deserve to be.

I can see the light fading as he slowly whittles you away,
Piece by piece he will dismantle you. I cannot allow that to happen.

Take my hand and see the light within yourself, the brightness I can see is there,
but has been hidden from you and the world by his abuse.

You deserve to be seen, to be heard and listened to,
Let me help you be who you should be, not what he wants you to be.

Have courage in yourself and allow yourself to move away;
Free yourself from the toxic world in which he holds you. He is a disgrace.

He has no right to treat you how he does. He is an abuser:
A man who gets pleasure from controlling you. He does not deserve a name.

You deserve everything better than he can ever be.
Reward yourself with a life of freedom and a love that is brave and true.

Free yourself. Take my hand, and let us walk together,
Free to be who we want to be, and support each other in everything we do.

Remember that I love you. Remember that I will put you first,
Remember that no matter what, I will be here for you.

Claim me. Claim me now as yours,
Before I have to close the door to you,
For there is someone out there who will truly want the love I give.


24th February 2014

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  1. This is very moving and I can really identify with this.

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