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Scorched Oak 7" Bowl

I’ve been getting into the whole scorching thing with wood recently, and this oak bowl is the latest of what will be a long line of burnt items!

This bowl actually caught fire whilst I was making it, and where the hard and soft parts of the wood accepted the flame different amounts, it has made for a contoured surface that, now it is sanded and smooth, feels wonderful in the hand.

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Please note: This item may be a one-off and subsequently may have been sold. If you would like a piece made especially for you, please contact me and I will be pleased to make something special for you. Price indicated does not include postage and packing costs and may be subject to change.


One thought on “Scorched Oak 7" Bowl

  1. This is so beautiful. It reminds me of the markings of an animal and looks so tactile. I just want to touch it.

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