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7" Black Rimmed Walnut Bowl


I enjoyed turning this bowl after the previous one, from spalted beech exploded and tried to remove my arm.

This walnut bowl was virtually rock hard to turn, requiring the bowl gouge to be sharpened several times before it could be finished. It was then sanded down to 600 grit and then had two coats of danish oil on it to bring out the grain. A this point, the edges of the rim were blackened with friction from a buffing cloth. Smelled really good!

Two coats of shellac sanding sealer were added to seal up the pores in the wood and make it even smoother. Then, 4 coats of lathe polish were applied and buffed.

Finally, it had a going over with carnauba wax for a high gloss, and very smooth final finish.

A lovely bowl, this, and perfect for holding walnuts this Christmas!

Cost: £34.99

Where to Buy This Item: 

This item is currently available at Garthowen Garden Centre in Hampshire.

Call: 01962 773225. The map below shows you the location:

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If you would like this item, but cannot get to the Garden Centre, contact me and if the item is still available, I will collect it for you and send you an invoice for the item plus postage and packing.

Please note: This item may be a one-off and subsequently may have been sold. If you would like a piece made especially for you, please contact me and I will be pleased to make something special for you. Price indicated does not include postage and packing costs and may be subject to change.