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Napkin Rings & Holder and Natural Edge Candle Holder

20150405_150429Although I’ve turned bowls and things which I have posted about in the past, today’s video is a napkin ring holder and 6 rings, all from Yew.  It took hours to do as it was my first ever set, but I think the video is a good description on how I did it.

I am very grateful to Anthea Bailey who gave me the wood and a huge collection of other items belonging to her late husband, Derek, whom I had the pleasure of knowing whilst working on a school project some years ago.

The Yew tree this wood came from once stood in the Church of the Holyrood in Holybourne, near where I live and was felled some 20 years ago apparently. As a thank-you to Anthea, and with her agreement, a donation to Holybourne church will be made from every item from the Yew wood I sell at my shop.

I hope you enjoy the video. There are some pictures beneath it as well as the other piece I turned today.

6 Yew Napkin Rings and Holder

I’m very pleased with this set of useful and attractive napkin rings and holder…despite starting with a set of 10, the end result of six is a pretty good first effort, I think!

Natural Edge Candle Holder

The other piece I turned today was this natural edge candle holder which holds a 70mm candle. It is a branch of Ash from the garden here and turned out really quite finely. I’m very pleased with it.

I was going to do a video about it, but the batteries in the camera died after making the napkin ring movie…I’ll have to do another one for you – still here are some pictures.

Napkin Rings and Holder: £19.99
Candle Holder: £14.99

You can buy this item at my shop, Martin’s Bazaar in Hampshire (see map below), or you can order it directly online from my Etsy shop.


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Please note: This item may be a one-off and subsequently may have been sold. If you would like a piece made especially for you, please contact me and I will be pleased to make something special for you. Price indicated does not include postage and packing costs and may be subject to change.

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2 thoughts on “Napkin Rings & Holder and Natural Edge Candle Holder

  1. Woops…and there it is a pen video. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  2. Martin
    Thank you so very much for the videos. We have a place in philadelphia, pennsylvania, us but I definitely would like a one on one. I am also a great admirer of George nakashima, especially the free form edge pieces. Wow….beautiful work. I need the space and would love to do it as a hobby. Possible to show a pen being made, love gorgeous looking writing instruments. Warmly,

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