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Celtic Love Hearts, Joined By Golden Rings

The finished heart.

I’ve been playing with celtic designs recently, as you may have seen in a previous post and whilst that piece was very complicated, the Love Hearts I designed this week are much more simple, but the subject of love is ultimately much more complicated!

The idea for the entwined hearts came from me feeling a bit loved-up this week and generally being a very happy chappy, and I thought that a simple design of heart may be a nice idea to try to design and burn into some wood.

firstCelticHeart_001These hearts are are designed in Adobe Illustrator, taking care to keep close attention to the detail of the over and under parts of the design, and then transferred onto high quality baltic birch plywood using graphite paper. In the picture to the right, you can see the first stage of burning, which is the outline and the fainter lines of the graphite.

To get to this point takes about an hour and twenty minutes.

firstCelticHeart_004After the outline is done, the shading is added using a spoon shaped tip on the pyrography pen to smooth shadows and a 3D effect of the over-and-under aspects of the hearts.

Working out how deep the shadows should be in each place is a little bit trial and error, but soon, I realised that the close two parts of the design are, then naturally, the shadows will be deeper because they are close together! Simple really.

Finally in the burn process, a little shading to the leaves of the vines makes them more 3D too.

firstCelticHeart_007And then, as the final parts of the process, watercolour paints are added to the two hearts as you can see here.

Red, of course for the outside heart, and then a vivid yellow for the inside two.

The rings are then painted with a metallic gold enamel paint made by Humbrol.

Last but not least, a couple of coats of Danish oil are added to the surface to darken it a little and bring out the grain of the wood and then two or three coats of clear lacquer add the final ping to the piece, deepening the vibrancy of the colour and beautifully finishing off the piece, ready for sale.

All in, the time taken for these pieces is about 6 hours.

My work is available to buy from my real-world shop in Hampshire called Martin’s Bazaar (see map below), or you can order it directly online from the Etsy shop, as well as work from other talent artists who sell through the shop.


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