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An Interpretation of the Rune Inspired Sapele Dish Wins Second Place in Ulster for YouTube Subscriber Brendan.

Youtube is a great place, and as I have uploaded videos, I’ve been lucky enough to gain subscribers on both my new channel (where my new turning and pyrography videos go) as well as the channel for my shop Martin’s Bazaar, where I started wood turning.

Here's another view of the dish I made the other day. Top view this time...looks like Rune stones round the rim, I think. What do you think?One of my subscribers, whose YouTube name is Baconsoda (his real name is Brendan!) regularly leaves comments on my videos and I was chuffed to bits over the weekend to learn that he had attempted his own version of my Rune Inspired Sapele Dish that I turned back in November and won SECOND place in the Decorative Piece category in his woodturning group in Ulster, Ireland.

We have chatted several times over videos on YouTube, and I am really very pleased for him and his second place win.

Brendan’s 2nd place piece. Picture by the Irish Woodturners Guild, Ulster Chapter.

Click here to see the page on the Irish Woodturners’Guild Ulster Chapter’s website where you can see all the entrants in the competion and of course, Brendan’s piece with them, and to the right is the picture from the page.

Brendan left this video of the bowl on his YouTube Channel showing it off very nicely indeed.

It is a great interpretation of my original piece. Brendan has captured the essence of the piece very well, and it looks old, like mine too with the use of a propane torch to darken it in places.

Well done, Brendan. I really like your interpretation of it, and I’m now thinking I need to join a turning club and enter my own dish into a competition!

Here’s the video I made back in November so you can see how Brendan and I made our dishes:

2 thoughts on “An Interpretation of the Rune Inspired Sapele Dish Wins Second Place in Ulster for YouTube Subscriber Brendan.

  1. Hi Martin, thank you very much for your kind compliments and this generous article. I have had people show me work they had copied of mine and been thrilled that they were inspired to do so, so, I am delighted that you have responded to my copy of your work in the manner in which you have. This is what I love about YouTube – the freely, and generously, given information and help. Thank you for inspiring me to try something I would never have considered before and for your help and information. This has opened up a huge new area of woodturning for me.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.

    1. My pleasure, Brendan…and thanks for sharing your success with me. I hope to see more along the same lines! I have some more pieces planned too.
      The spirit of YouTube is generous indeed. It is great to be a part of it – to share my videos, and be inspired by others too. Lord knows, if it wasn’t for YouTube and the advice given by so many turners, I would never have taken it up last year!
      Keep turning,

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