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Romantic Celtic Love Hearts: Hand Pyrographed, Designed for You. Limited Time Free Frame.

Gold and silver leafed initials

Commit the initials of two lovers inside romantic interlocked Celtic love hearts in a design, just for you to inspire and encourage love and symbolise your togetherness.

The A4 hearts and initials are designed for you by the creator, Martin and then sent to you to approve the design. Your piece is then burned by hand into quality birch plywood. The initials are then coloured in your choice of colour, metallic paint (gold, silver or bronze) or precious metal leaf. To finish the piece, they are lightly sanded, then oiled, sealed and then finally lacquered to produce the complete picture. They can take up to 10 hours for each one.

Framed, they look gorgeous on the wall above the bed.

Whilst there are several hearts for Martin to choose from (with more designs every few weeks) for your initials, the vine leaves are different on each one, ensuring individuality.

You can choose to have the piece just coloured with watercolours, metallic paint, or gold, silver or copper leafed…and you can choose to have the piece framed or not too.

Watercolours understate the initials wonderfully.

When placing your order, please state the initials you would like and what colour you would like each one to be. Or if choosing the metallic leaf option, indicate which leaf you would like for each initial.

Martin will then design the piece for you and send for approval. Once approved, he’ll begin to create your design for you. If there is time, he may also send you some ‘work in progress’ photos of it too to add to the hand-made experience.

Metallic paint option.

Please note the longish completion time in the shipping section. As they take a long time to produce, a long lead-in time is necessary, but may not take that long. If you require the piece urgently, please contact us to discuss it.

If you have any queries before ordering, please do contact me and I will be very pleased to answer any queries you have. Thank you.

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