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Yew Desk Clock

20150511_1324461Whilst I had been turning a customer order from Yew wood that came from Alton Convent School, I had a small piece left over that I thought would make a rather nice little desk clock.

As the piece was cut at a slant from where I had cut the original, larger piece square, it was perfect for the watch insert that I had in the workshop, so I drilled a 35mm hole and dropped the watch in. It looked great!

To finish the piece, the little cracks were filled with CA glue and then it was sanded down to 240 grit with a hand sander, then finished by hand down to 400 grit to produce a lovely smooth surface. It then had a couple of coats of danish oil on to deepen the colour and bring out the grain and it was finished. I’m pretty sure there’s some spalting going on there too as the dark swirls don’t look like ‘normal’ yew.

The bottom of the piece, I left completely unfinished as I liked the natural blackening of the wood, plus it was flat too, which was a bonus!

So here it is:



Cost: SOLD

You can buy this item at my shop, Martin’s Bazaar in Hampshire (see map below), or you can order it directly online from my Etsy shop.


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Please note: This item may be a one-off and subsequently may have been sold. If you would like a piece made especially for you, please contact me and I will be pleased to make something special for you. Price indicated does not include postage and packing costs and may be subject to change.

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