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What are Labyrinthine Designs Anyway?


Labyrinths has been a source of fascination and intrigue ever since the first ones were carved into rock thousands of years ago and Perseus fought the Gorgon Medusa in the most famous one of all. Labyrinthine means ‘maze-like’.

Some of my recent celtic designs remind me of those original labyrinths, with complex circular patterns with twists and turns.

Labyrintine-CircleAlthough my designs do not have a path from the outside to the centre, they are complex in their design and may consist of more than one ‘cord’…sometimes though, the pattern has been so complex that I cannot actually work out how many cords ended up in the finished piece!

Below is the current collection of my labyrinthine designs, each available with a personal or commercial license. They may not be ideal for the beginner pyrographer but will certainly be a challenge for everyone!

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