Chris Fisher’s Sensory Celtic Platter

This is an olive ash platter I turned to be as textured as possible for my friend and blind wood turner, Chris Fisher. You’ll need to watch the video for the full story behind it though!


It was a pleasure to turn this piece for Chris and I paid more attention than normal to the actual feel of the piece, ensuring a mixture of textures rather than the usual full-on smooth and shiny finish normally attributed to turned bowls.

The central knot, which I’ve called Fisher’s Knot, after Chris himself, I designed specifically for the piece and is available for download from this site. It is slightly wider than many other knots, allowing for fingers to move over it and feel the over and under nature of the knot. The carving is not the greatest quality, as I’ve not done it before, but it would look brilliant pyrographed onto something though.

Please do check-out Chris’ own woodturning videos on his YouTube channel and subscribe to see his brilliant skills at the lathe and other adventures.


2 thoughts on “Chris Fisher’s Sensory Celtic Platter

  1. Like your work very much particularly the carving and burning. When oiling the wood how many coats of oil do you use, as it appears shinier then when I do it.
    Thanks again
    Bob S.

    1. Hi Bob,
      Thanks very much for your comment about the oil finishing. I finish my bowls and things down to 600 grit normally and then oil with a single coating of oil. I think that the 600 grit finish may be where the shinier finish comes to it’s own. Very occasionally, I’ll put two or more coats, but it does not happen very often. I also use the shellac based Liberon Lathe Polish on some pieces which produces a lovely shiny finish too but I am using less of it now.
      How are you finishing your pieces?
      All the best,

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