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Sorted Workshop and a Gift of Wood

20150805_161852 Last week, I was given some wood by an old friends father who had recently had some trees felled in his garden, and in the shot to the left, you can see just some of what took me two days to collect – and I’ve not picked all of it up yet!

I can’t believe how busy the summer has been so far. I say ‘Summer’ because traditionally, that’s what this time of year is supposed to be!

Anyway, the wood I was given is mostly Lawson’s Cypress with some Cherry, Beech, Apple and Hawthorn thrown in too. There is so much of it! I feel very lucky indeed to have been told that if I can move it, I can have it!

In order to have somewhere to store it all, I had to strim away a load of nettles and brambles from beside the workshop and stack it all up there. The picture above is me with most of the wood behind me, and there’s more to come.

First batch of bowl blanks cut and waxed ready for drying. Happy chappy. Good learning curve. Anything I've done wrong? #woodturning #lathe #bowl #wax
Some of the blanks made this week.

Earlier this week, I spent a couple of days turning some of it into bowl blanks ready to dry for selling on or turning myself.

Not only did I get all this wood, the inside of the workshop has gone through some changes too. This is mainly because, as I become a full time turner, I’m going to need some extra space to store the drying blanks, as well as some space to move.

Luckily enough, on the garden centre, sitting amongst brambles were some old shelving racks which I quickly liberated from the elements and built them into the workshop. Thankfully, they all fit perfectly into the area I’d prepared for them.

Waxing the ends.
Waxing the ends.

After cutting the blanks to round (some with natural edges as shown above), the ends need to be sealed with wax which I spent some time doing the day before yesterday. With camping stove on the workbench, and melting wax in a pan, I set to sealing the blanks, only to decide to turn one yesterday! There will be a post about that soon.

The new look workshop.
The new look workshop.

So now, we’re ready to go. It took a week to get to this point with collecting the wood and so. And it feels good to have more space to work in. It feels like a proper workshop where I can make beautiful things and great videos.

I’ll post more about the things I make as I do them, and the videos too.

All great fun.

Thanks for reading.