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Fancy Something Fun? Check Out My New Range of Woodturner’s Apparel and Gifts

Visit the shop – Click the link to the right.

I do love being creative, and after recording Turner’s Journey Episode 2 last week, I set about thinking other revenue streams.

Remembering Carl Jacobson has a shop where he sells his Woodshop branded items, I thought I would get my old graphic design head back on and create a unique range of products for woodturners. A few years ago, I used to do loads of graphic design and it was great to be playing with it again, coming up with this range of products for you.

Below is a few pictures of some of the items in the collection of simple, fun and philosophical designs available on from this week. The range will grow over the next few weeks and include items for ladies, kids and babies too – because all Dad’s and Granddad’s like to leave their mark on their kids, don’t they!? There will be new and different designs to be had too.

contentPic5These items will make brilliant gifts for turners you may know, or you could even leave the window open on your PC as a not-so-subtle hint for your nearest and dearest to see in time for Christmas!

Powered by, many of the products you see in the shop are available in different sizes and colours, so if the thumbnail for a t-shirt appears in a colour you don’t like, click on and select the colour that best suits you.

Spreadshirt will look after everything to do with your order including payments and delivery…AND the prices you see include VAT and delivery to the UK. The postage rates worldwide are brilliant too.

Below is a gallery of some of the designs and products available from today…visit the apparel and gift shop page here to see the rest of the items and don’t forget to join the mailing list where you can keep up to date with everything going on in and around the workshop!


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