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NEW! Hampshire Sheen Turner’s Finish. Three Pots to Give Away

IMG_20150830_160354A few days ago, I posted that I was experimenting with my own finishing product, and then in Turner’s Journey E4, I sort of showed it off. Well now, I have the recipe nailed and have made three 50ml pots to give away to three lucky UK turners who comment on this post!

The product, which I am calling ‘Hampshire Sheen‘ is a careful blend of danish oil, carnauba and micro-crystalline waxes which, when applied gives a gorgeous lustre to a turned piece.

Test piece on Oak spindle. Click to enlarge.

The test piece above on an oak spindle, sanded to 400 grit and then given a single coat of cellulose sanding seal shows the difference between finishes. On the left is a single coat of danish oil, in the middle is Hampshire Sheen and on the right is a single coat of pure carnauba wax. The difference, I think is fairly obvious.

I used to prefer a danish oil only finish to a piece over a bright gloss, but it never produced enough of a lustre, and also it is not very hard wearing. Hampshire Sheen produces, for me at least a deep enough lustre to bring the best out of the wood and give a decently hard wearing topcoat to a piece through the mix of the two waxes.

Here is a Meranti bowl I completed using Hampshire Sheen from the first little batch I made. The blend has produced a finish to the surface that has a warm glow without being plastic looking which can be achieved with a full carnauba finish. It still retains a lot of the hard wearing characteristics carnauba wax, and with the micro-crystalline addition, the wood is doubly protected. Click the images to enlarge them.

Applying it to a piece is easy. Sand your piece down to 400 grit and if you wish, apply a single light coat of sanding sealer. I used a thinned cellulose sealer for the bowl and oak spindle. Allow this to dry and then cut back with 00 grade wire wool. Next, clean off any remaining dust or wire frangments with a paper towel. Then, using a fresh piece of paper towel, apply a small amount of Hampshire Sheen  to the surface of your piece ensuring an even coverage. Then buff. A video will be available this week showing the application process. That’s it. Done. Keep the lid on to prevent the finish from drying out.

Get A Free Pot of Hampshire Sheen

Don’t just take my word for how good I think my Hampshire Sheen is! I’ve got three 50ml pots to give away to UK woodturners who comment on this post before Friday 4th September. Then, I’ll randomly select the lucky three turners and announce the names in Turner’s Journey E5 on YouTube on the evening of Friday 4th September. I’ll also contact each one individually for postage details.


So, What’s the Deal? How Do I Enter?
In order to enter the giveaway, you must be a UK based woodturner, over 18 years of age. To enter, just leave a comment on this post about why you think you should be chosen to try Hampshire Sheen and I’ll choose the three most ‘worthy’ winners on Friday 4th September. After you have tried Hampshire Sheen on an item or two, you must then be prepared to let me know what you think of it! Easy really.
The feedback you send, together with your first initial and surname may be used to promote Hampshire Sheen online or offline.
There are options below the comment box to sign-up to my newsletter or not. It is entirely up to you if you wish to join the newsletter – I won’t be bombarding you with emails – perhaps one every ten days or so – nothing spectacular. But if you do sign-up, you will receive information on other giveaways and goodies specifically for subscribers, including voucher codes for Hampshire Sheen.

Sorry, but this giveaway is only open to UK turners to keep costs down. Hampshire Sheen will be available worldwide though when it goes on sale in a week or twos time.

Any questions? Please contact me and I will be pleased to help!

Thanks very much for reading, and if you enter, good luck in the giveaway!

24 thoughts on “NEW! Hampshire Sheen Turner’s Finish. Three Pots to Give Away

  1. Hi Martin I really enjoyed the video and I must try the burnt edge on the American oak bowl. I would like to try out some of your Hampshire Sheen If I am not successful could you mail me the ratio which you use many thanks in advance Mark.

  2. Good evening
    I would welcome the opportunity to try your finish on my work. I too am striving out on my own and would welcome the chance to experiment with your product. If you look here you can see the types of pieces I would be using your finish on
    Many thanks

  3. Hi Martin
    I would love some Haampshire sheen,ive used wax but not really found
    one I like .I am hoping yours will be the one .
    love the videos I’m learning along the way thank you

  4. Hi Martin
    I much prefer a sheen finish to a real hard glossy shine and this looks like it might be the perfect solution. Have tried making my own version using tung oil and beeswax with mineral oil but the smell of the tung oil is off putting for a good few days till it goes away – I would love to try yours.

  5. I would love to win this all givaways are usually in usa so this one I actually have a chance whooo love all ur vids watch the every time you put one up keep up the good work m8

  6. Hi Martin, as a newbie woodturner I love watching out for your weekly videos to learn something new. I’d love a go at your new wax finish as I’m not too happy with my friction polish one at the minute.

  7. Hi Martin, I’d love to try your new finish. I’m currently making items to go into my first craft fair so could certainly give it a good test!
    Thanks for all your video’s and I’m enjoying watching the beginnings of your “turners journey” 🙂

    All the best


  8. Wish you all the best Martin pity I’m in Ireland I would certainly have given it a go

  9. Hi Martin. Would love to give your creation a try on some bottle stoppers I’ve got planned to turn! Also, my partners name is Sheana and I call her Sheen for short! Good luck with your venture.

  10. Hiya Martin. Would love to give this a go, it looks lovely and I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff to test it out on as I get ready for my first Christmas fare…lots of different woods and styles to put it through its paces.

  11. Hi Martin,
    I’d love to get my hands on a pot of Hampshire Sheen to test.You know I will give you an honest opinion of it,and I’m left handed 🙂


  12. Hi Martin I think Hampshire sheen would look great showing of the grain in my somerset timber bowls.

  13. Would be a great product to use on my Christmas Craft pieces, which i must get started soon. High gloss is often not the best finish on larger items and I generally prefer a gentler wax sheen.

  14. It looks great Martin! I hope to be one of the lucky ones 🙂 If not, I look forward to reports from the winners.

  15. Hi Martin,

    I wouldn’t mind giving your finish a trial because I’m on a production run for the shop, and other events, at the moment making trees, mushrooms, spinning tops, dibbers, etc so I could have a lot of feedback material quite quickly. If you aren’t able to send some finish now it doesn’t matter because I’ll be buying some anyway to give it a try and I’ll let you know how I get on with it if it helps you with marketing and blends. NI is a UK mail area so that bit is OK.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.

  16. I would love to try your finish, the sheen, shine, gloss or “lustre” I’ve had from other finishes either doesn’t look right or fades over time, yours looks to be a very satisfying finish, I wish you all the best on future marketing and sales

  17. Hi Martin, would love to try your new finish….. Looks great!!

  18. Hi Martin,

    I would love to give this finish a go. Although I’m an Irish turner I have a UK address that it could be sent to if I’m lucky enough to be picked so postage costs will be the same.
    Whatever happens I wish you all the best with your Hampshire Sheen Turner’s Finish.


  19. I would like a tin as im just doing a snowman for my mum and its my birthday on the 5th.thanks

  20. As I have said to you in a previous comment I have tried to make my own finish, with reasonable success, and would be keen to try out your mix. If I am not chosen good luck to whoever you choose and hope you get good results.
    Bob S.

  21. Sound like an interesting finish. Certainly looks good form the results you’ve shown so far.
    Good luck with the new venture


  22. Looks like a great finish Martin….someone will be lucky to get there paws on some….lol

  23. Sounds a cracking finish I have tried to make my own but could not get it right so would love to try yours out Keep up the good work Martin

  24. I’d like to get one as a birthday present!

    It’s my birthday on the 4th 😃

    Eh, it’s worth a try. Experimenting with different finishes at the moment so it would be good to try your new one.

    Really enjoying your new series and keen to see how things progress for you.

    Kind regards, Ian.

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