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Sanding with a Bowl Sander and Finishing with Hampshire Sheen

YouTube-ThumbnailAfter what seems like an age of not turning a single thing, yesterday, I turned this sweet little American Oak bowl and finished it with my own mix of oil and wax I call ‘Hampshire Sheen‘.

I’d been working on a special mix of wax and oil for a couple of days and managed to nail the recipe, and this is the first proper piece I’ve finished it with. And, if you’ll excuse me blowing my own trumpet, I love the finish it produces!

Now, on to the video. This week, I take a look at sanding a bowl with a manual bowl sander. These tools are great and very satisfying to use. For me at least, they give me a real sense of ‘handmade’ – far more so than a power sanding technique using a drill. In fact, I rarely use a drill unless I am really busy, preferring to feel the bowl come to a finish rather than blasting away at it with a noisy drill!

The Hampshire Sheen wax and oil mix will be for sale from next week, and subscribers to my newsletter will be sent a special discount code to save some money on their first order. There is a sign-up form to the right of this post if you are on a PC, or below if you are on a phone or tablet. See more about Hampshire Sheen here. Please note though that the giveaway has now ended.

So here is the video of the bowl sanding technique and the first proper application of Hampshire Sheen, and below that is a gallery of shots of the finished bowl.



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