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Workshop Woes and Hampshire Sheen

The workshop has been in a right state recently.
The workshop has been in a right state recently.

It has been all go in the workshop recently with the rebuild to fit the new lathe into position, and the only turning I’ve managed to do is a quick bit of spindle playing on the new lathe. Humph.

I’ve been taking the work in the shop fairly slowly and thinking about each step before I make it so to (hopefully) stop making any silly mistakes. With such a lot to do, consideration is really important and it has eaten up a lot of time, but I am happy with the results so far. These pictures are from a couple of days ago. Thankfully, the shop doesn’t look like this any longer.

Headstock as sanding wheel. Poor thing.
Headstock as sanding wheel. Poor thing.

As you may have gathered if you watch my Turner’s Journey series on YouTube, the old lathe is dead. I’ve gone through six headstocks on the large Axminster Hobby lathe, and despite rattling away like a goodun’ for the last 8 months, it was time for it to be given a new lease of life as a humble. Any speed over about 1100rpm and it was not at all happy, but at 6/700 sanding it works fine.

As you can see from the picture, it is on it’s own little bench with removable table and the first part of the extraction system, complete with blast gate.

20150907_180331Next in line, moving towards the door is the pen lathe. This has moved from next to the door to the centre section where the original lathe was. It has a self built (and pretty air tight) blast gate and a (not pictured, yet) duct collecting hood.

Just behind the tailstock end is now a box with the pen press on. It is out of the way of the tailstock itself and is at the same height. I’ll post some pictures and a video soon. There’s the obligatory shelf and pen-bit boxes too.

Built in Myford Mystro lathe, circa 1992.
Built in Myford Mystro lathe, circa 1992.

Finally, there is the ‘new’ (borrowed) Myford Mystro lathe I was lamenting about for a couple of weeks in Turner’s Journey. It works now, is lovely and quiet and has been built into it’s own work station. And boy am I pleased with it!

The last stop in the run of extraction system on that side of the shop, there is another self made blast gate and it’s dust collection sucky hood thing. There is a product ‘out there’ called Big Mouth, but for £24.00, it is very expensive for vacuum formed plastic, so I thought I’d make my own. It is pretty rudimentary, but it should work.

There are now a collection of shelves above and left of it with all the bits I use regularly. Again, I’ll post some picture when complete.

Whilst all this may seem like good news to some, and indeed it is, I have not been particularly productive otherwise…except…

New pretty pictures for Hampshire Sheen

Hampshire Sheen is Starting to Sell!

I promoted a little giveaway of three 50ml tins of my finish last week in a short video on Monday, and the lucky winners were Ian Maude, Declan McCrossan and Hilary Williams. Their pots went of in the post yesterday and I am really keen to see how they get on with it. Plus, the first few proper production pots, with labels and stuff sold this week too, which is really exciting! Here’s to plenty more…and I am working on a foodsafe version too. But that is going to have to wait until after I actually make some things. If you are a member of my newsletter, you will have received a special 15% discount already. If you are not a subscriber yet, and fancy a discount on Hampshire Sheen (and notices of other specials and competitions), use the form to the right (or below if you are on a tablet) to sign up. You’ll receive a 10% discount straight away when you confirm your subscription and you can order straight from the website.

The next time I post I think will be Friday for Turner’s Journey, so until then, bye for now.

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