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Awesome First Review of Hampshire Sheen

Ian’s piece, finished with Hampshire Sheen

Woodturning and banjo playing Ian Maude has been the first of the giveaway winners to provide feedback and a review of my humble Hampshire Sheen finish with a super review in a video posted on YouTube.

In the video, Ian shows a bowl he’d been turning a friend’s house warming gift and decided to finish it with some of the Hampshire Sheen pot he’d received.

The piece of oak in the video is stunning and Ian’s reaction to the first time he had used the finish is wonderful. See how he gets on using it, and hear what he has to say about it in the video.

As a review of my humble finish, I would never have expected such a glowing review. Thanks, Ian. 🙂


Fancy giving some Hampshire Sheen a go?

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2 thoughts on “Awesome First Review of Hampshire Sheen

  1. Hi Martin,
    After seeing the video posted with the Amercan Oak bowl which unfortunately didn’t turn out as intended, the sheen which appeared on the finished outside of the bowl was really, really superb, and I eagerly await my order of Hamshire Sheen so that I can see for myself. It looks like a real winner Martin, many congratulations
    David Noyce

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, the finish on Ian’s bowl is super…such a shame it decided it wanted to be a plate instead. You should have received an email today saying your order had been despatched, so it won’t be long now before you can have a go with Hampshire Sheen yourself (and thank you for you order, too). Please do share your results with me. Being such a new (and exciting) finish, I’m enjoying seeing people’s results.
      All the best,

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