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Sycamore Sisters: Golden Fire and Silver Sea

I found myself searching eBay last week for various things and stumbled across a deal on an airbrush too good to miss and couldn’t wait to put this deal to the test.

Golden Fire
Golden Fire

A couple of days later, a very quiet compressor and two airbrushes arrived and then I put my creative hat on. What resulted was something I could never have imagined as it didn’t go according to plan. I find that sometimes, accidents and forced design changes turn out for the best, and this is no different, I think.

And so, Golden Fire was born on Thursday last week, closely followed by Silver Sea which I made on Friday. I call them the Sycamore Sisters, and they were a joy to turn and use to learn the basics of airbrush technique.

Both of the pieces have gone down a storm on social media with both of them gaining over 90 likes on Woodchuckers Facebook page and several retweets too. That’s great of course, but I would love to sell them!

Anyway, here’s the video of Golden Fire with galleries of images for both sisters below. Should you be interested in purchasing either of them, please contact me, and I’ll be happy to help.

Golden Fire

Silver Sea

4 thoughts on “Sycamore Sisters: Golden Fire and Silver Sea

  1. […] Nick is a constant source of inspiration, and to thank for being the seed of the idea of my ‘Golden Fire‘ […]

  2. They are two lovely platters Martin, very impressive work.

  3. Most impressed with your work and colouring, It is amazing how things can turn out quite by chance. Well done.

    1. Thanks, Bob. I do like happy accidents like this…sometimes though, if you plan it out too much it can all go wrong!

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