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‘Phi Phi’ Birdseye Maple Golden Ratio Bowl

20150922_131739There are some things you cannot escape from. Phi being one of them. But what is Phi?

Phi (Φ) is the name given to what is known as the Golden Ratio which is 1:1.618 and is supposedly the proportional ratio of what makes things beautiful.

Da Vinci and Dali used it in their work, apparently the Greeks built the Parthenon around it and so on and so forth. It comes from nature and can been seen in structures such as snail shells etc. We still use it today in art and architecture, and even seemingly mundane things like widescreen TVs (they have a ratio of 16:9 which divided together is 1.777777 etc) are very close to this magic number.[membership level=”0″]

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So, I thought I would see if I could use this number in woodturning. The resulting bowl I call ‘Phi Phi’ is (I think, at least) rather attractive. I did however neglect to calculate the height in proportion to the diameter though. So here’s the video about how I did it, and below are some images of the finished piece including a diagram of the formulae I used.