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Flaming Maple Bowl

20150924_152337If you’ve not spotted it recently, but I’ve been getting more into colouring my turned pieces! Today was no different as I made this new bowl called ‘Flaming Maple’.

Made from Birdseye Maple, the bowl is about 10″ across, coloured with red, yellow and orange colours added to it.

Firstly, it was sanded to 400 grit, then the colour was airbrushed on, then rubbed back with 600 grit paper. More colour and a squirt of meths to smudge it together. Then allowed to dry off.

After a good rubbing back with paper towel, acrylic sealer was added followed by two coats of Hampshire Sheen. The inside was then turned away and the rim scorched.

The inside has been finished with cellulose sealer and a single coat of Hampshire Sheen.[membership level=”0″]

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Holding the bowl to the light, the way the figure in the wood seems to change (called chatoyance) and dance makes the piece seem like it is on fire. Hence the name, Flaming Maple. Below is a little video of the chatoyance, and below that, the gallery of pictures.

2 thoughts on “Flaming Maple Bowl

  1. Really stunning Martin, the colouring is really good. I am not usually a fan of colouring wood, but your bowl is absolutely superb.
    My first try with Hampshire Sheen was outstanding, I really like using it and will post a picture of some of my work with Hampshire Sheen finish when I work out how to add a photo.

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for your comment. Colouring work is a bit like Marmite! Most people love it or hate it! So pleased your getting good results with Hampshire Sheen. Not sure if you can add a photo, but if you drop me an email with them on, I can add them to the site for you, credited of course!
      All the best,

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