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Black and Gold Scorched Ash Bowl

20151005_143849It’s been a little while since I had my blow torch out, and this piece of Ash, given to me by my friend Leon, was crying out for something arty to be done to it. I nearly added some colour too, but I’m pleased I didn’t.

The video shows the majority of the process with a lot of commentary about the actual scorching and gold gilding. The scorching of open grained wood like Ash creates a wonderful texture as the soft grain burns away, leaving a ripple in the surface. The gold gilt is an extra to highlight the pores in the sunken grain.

It’s not my finest work, but it was worthy of a video.[membership level=”0″]

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Below is a gallery of images of the piece which was finished with Hampshire Sheen.

2 thoughts on “Black and Gold Scorched Ash Bowl

  1. Hi
    I love the look of your work. My husband is interested in gilding with gold, or otherwise. I am wondering if you have any courses for people to learn how to gilt.
    Mo Connelly-Webster

    1. Hi Mo.
      Thanks for the comment. It was left as a comment on the post rather than sending me an email hence I didn’t reply quickly.
      It would be a pleasure to do a half or full day with your husband to show him how I gilt turned wood as well as perhaps texturing and then gilting that too.
      Please can you drop me a line on so I can send you a list of prices etc. Thanks.

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