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Walnut Ornamental Box with Ebony Finial

20151006_174636I was really worried about colouring this piece initially, but then it all turned out OK. But now I’m not sure colouring the lid was such a good idea.

Turning it was great. I’d not turned anything like it before and going through the process of working it all out and putting three pieces together into one final item was brilliant.

Ebony is a wonderful wood it to turn. It’s as hard as nails which makes it ideal for finials like the one I turned here. As I’d not turned a finial before now, I was exceptionally careful with how I did it, and the result of a 2.5mm stem is very pleasing!

Overall, I’m happy with the box, but if I were to do it again, I’d make some changes like a slightly tighter fitting lid and not to colour it. Other than that, I’d turn it the same way. Enjoy the video below, and beneath that is a gallery of images of the piece.[membership level=”0″]

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One thought on “Walnut Ornamental Box with Ebony Finial

  1. Great video editing. Love your design. Superior information for a beginner as I am. Thank You!

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