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Pen Blanks – What You See is What You Get

I’m in the lucky position of having quite a lot of wood at my workshop. Some of it is turnable into bowls, platters and smaller items, and some of it isn’t quite as big as I would like…but it does make exceptional pen blanks.

So, I spend most of the day on Friday cutting pen blanks out of Cedar of Lebanon, Laburnum, Ash, Oak, Cherry, Yew and Afrormosia. I’ve put them into sets of six mixed packs and got them onto the website and eBay for sale.

With My Blanks, What You See Is What You Get
20151129_100407When I’ve been buying blanks online, I’ve found myself frustrated by not receiving what I see in the image. A lovely looking blank in the picture has the description saying something like “You won’t receive the blanks in the picture, but you will receive similar or better.” Hmm, yeah, OK. I have been disappointed with what I have received so have decided to make my blank sales different: What you see in the picture is what you will receive. Guaranteed! Admittedly, not all pen blank sales are like this, but most of them are.[membership level=”0″]

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It takes a bit longer to put a pack together as they are grouped by hand, photographed, numbered then boxed straight away. I don’t have boxes full of blanks to dip into whenever an order comes in – I like to choose blanks that complement each other. I believe that by giving a customer the satisfaction of knowing that they are going to receive precisely what is in the picture will set me aside from other suppliers.


Each pen blank is 150mm long, 23mm high and 23mm wide giving each blank enough meat to produce chunky or slimline pens. They are also nicely seasoned, down to at most 15% moisture. Each piece is checked for cracks or other physical imperfections that could result in a broken pen for you. Of course, I can only check the outside of the wood though – the inside will remain a mystery until you get inside when turning it!

There will be more species of wood coming to the collection soon and most likely other sizes of blanks too which will make gorgeous bottle stoppers.

In the meantime though, here are is current selection selection of blank packs. There are more on eBay whilst I trial it…and the prices include UK delivery.

If you have any queries, please contact me and I will be pleased to help.

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