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New Website, New Opportunities

After weeks of graft and many decisions made and changed, the new website is up and running with a fresh new look, new shop and a membership section too.

HomescreenPreviously, I had enjoyed the magazine style of site that I had, but over time, my taste for site layout changed and started thinking about the look and feel of the site and how it reflected me both as a person, and as turner/business person.

The new site incorporates a more spacious, two column layout with larger text to make the content more easily readable. It is important that the site be as user friendly as possible, and the theme in use on the site has a great looking layout both on full size screens as well as phones and tablets.

Regular Posts
The new site has excited me to publish more posts about the turnings that I do as well as woodturning in general. The new member section (below) will also have exclusive content for website members.

I produce a lot of content, as you have most likely seen, and a lot of it is freely distributed on the internet for others to benefit from. Perhaps you are one of the turners that have been inspired to try a technique I’ve presented or even gone out and bought an airbrush after watching the Golden Fire or Dot Matrix projects – I know several who have. Producing free content is not only time consuming, but can also be expensive – so I have introduced a benefit laden membership scheme to the site, the subscriptions of which will help fund the free content for the internet. The Membership Page explains how you can help keep the free content flowing from as little as just a single pound a month.
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purpleArtFrom Blank to Beautiful
A new line of products evolved of the Christmas and New Year period, and the first three projects in the From Blank to Beautiful (FBB) collection are now available. The idea behind FBB is to give a bit more to the content already out there by providing, for nominal fees, advert free videos for download. All projects, from January 2016 onward will have special full length versions of the videos available from here together with .pdf worksheets. There is more information in this post from 4th Feb.

ShopScreenNew Shopping Experience
The shop area has been rebuilt too and uses a service called Woocommerce which is far superior to the old system on the site. Mailing list members were bombarded with the new products as I uploaded them, which I am very sorry for.

Woocommerce is the internet’s most popular shopping solution for website owners. It offers me an easier to configure shopping experience for you as well as a great layout and easy check-out with PayPal. It also looks after all the stock levels and downloads for me too, so you are assured of the most up-to-date site I can manage.

There are still a few items I’ve not managed to get onto the shop just yet – there is so much to do being all things to all people, but I will get there soon! Have a look round the shop now and please do let me know what you think.

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