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4K Subs Bowl Kit Giveaway

To celebrate my YouTube channel hitting 4000 subscribers this week, myself and Leon at are giving away one of the very first segmented bowl kits to be produced.

20160212_122331Why do I think these kits are so good? There are 5 good reasons (and there are other reasons too):

  1. Cutting the segments would bore me to tears and fill me with dread;
  2. There are huge creative possibilities;
  3. There’s more than one way to lay out the segments;
  4. I can make more than one bowl out of the kit if I choose to;
  5. It’s a brilliant introduction to segmented turning.

20160215_112812What’s included in the kit?
Each kit will contain enough pieces to make nine rings, each of eight segments in a variety of wood, two bases onto which you can glue two bowls, hose clips to use to glue the segments together, downloadable instructions and an overview video of the process.

20160216_105729I’ve given a lot of thought to contrasting but complementary woods to go into the first kit to be made available to give turners a great range of creative possibilities when gluing up the rings for their bowls.

Everyone who enters will receive a special discount code to use on the site for their own bowl kit when they go on sale on 26th February 2016.

That’s All Good, How Do I Enter?
Entering is simple. All you need to do to enter is join my free newsletter by completing the form below. The competition is open to all new members of the newsletter plus everyone who is already a member, anywhere in the world. After joining, you will be sent a confirmation message with a link to confirm your email address, click the link to confirm you email address. Only those who have confirmed their email address will be entered into the giveaway. Only one entry per person is permitted. There are no cash alternatives. Discount codes for entering are valid until 31st March 2016. The winner will be announced in Turner’s Journey E29 on 26th February, so be sure to enter before 9am (GMT) on 26th February! The winner will then be contacted using the email address provided on the mailing list for postal details.

26th Feb: Entries Closed!
View the Bowl Kits online Now

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Thanks for entering and good luck, and if you have any queries, please contact me!

4 thoughts on “4K Subs Bowl Kit Giveaway

  1. Hi Martin,

    Great job on the segmented bowl! Please sign me up for your newsletter and enter me in the giveaway! Thanks so much!

  2. Enjoy your videos and looking forward to your newsletter.

  3. Like the idea of buying the kits. I liked bowl 2 the better for its colours.

  4. Liked both segmented bowl especially the second one.

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