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Beginner’s Project Series: Gardener’s Dibber

The very first piece of woodturning I ever did was a gardener’s dibber, and for this first practical part in my beginner’s series, I go back to that very root and turn another one, and show you how I do it.

Turning my first piece...(without protection - naughty)
Turning my first piece…(without protection – naughty)

On the left is a picture of me ‘doing it’. It was not a lesson, more of a ‘have a go’, but it was enough to get me hooked on turning in just 20 minutes!

In this early part of the series, I use nothing but the standard set of tools used by countless beginners around the world. Below the video are a collection of links to items used in this project, as well as other kit and equipment I use.

Enjoy the video, and if you have been inspired to have a go at a dibber like this one, send me a picture with some details, and it may be featured in a beginner’s gallery here or even featured in a future video.[membership level=”0″]

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Here are search links to tools and equipment like those I use in my projects. The links have been created to show you items in Your location on your local Amazon or eBay store. If you make a purchase after following one of these links, I receive a small commission from Amazon or eBay which in turn will help keep my content free. Thank you!

Wood Blanks: Amazon | 
Spirit Stain:
Pyrography Kit:
Powdered Metals:
Dremel 3000:
Pen Kits:
Reactive Paints:Amazon |

Lathes: Amazon |
Scroll Chucks: Amazon |
Box Set of Tools: Amazon |
Bench Grinder: Amazon |
Fingernail Jig: Amazon |
Centre Finder: Amazon |
Live Centre: Amazon |

Airbrush/Compressor KitAmazon
Watercolour Pencils: Amazon
Liberon Gilt Creams: Amazon
Blow Torch: Amazon
Dremel Burrs: Amazon
Fountain Pen Kits: 
Pen Mandrels: Amazon |  

Jacobs Chucks: Amazon
Thin Parting Tool: Amazon
Captive Ring Tool: Amazon
Spiralling/Texture Tool: Amazon
Face Shield: Amazon
Respirator: Amazon

Please Note: Links are provided in good faith. Any of the products found on either Amazon or eBay are not guaranteed or endorsed by me. Neither am I paid by the manufacturers of the products linked to should you make a purchase. I receive a small commission from any purchase you make from Amazon or eBay via these links which does not increase the price of the product you purchase.

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