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Beginner’s Project Series: Spinning Top

In this second episode of my beginner’s series, I look at a simple but ever-so fun to turn project that is as enjoyable on the lathe as it is spinning on a table – A spinning top.

20160405_114120Everyone loves spinning tops, young and old alike and this project is a great way to produce something fun whilst as the same time, practicing bevel rubbing with the spindle gouge (see below for links to kit used in this project).

This is a mystery piece of wood. It was given to me by a gentleman called David Holliday with a note to say that it came from an eastern European pallet…so what the wood is, I have not clue at all!

Never-the-less, it turned really well and accepted a beautiful Hampshire Sheen finish. Also, it spins really well! The key to a long-spinning top? Keep the body wide and as close to the bottom as possible and keep the ‘handle’ as thin as you can.

Also, what I forget to mention in the video, is choose a piece of wood that has even grain running all round it. Knots, although they look nice, will unbalance the top and not produce a good spin when complete.

Handy hint: Add a drop or two of CA glue to the spinning tip after parting it off to toughen it up and help prolong the life of the top.

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