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Viewer’s Choice Project – Segmented Goblet

In Turner’s Journey last week, I asked what my viewers would like to see me turn given that I had broken the project piece for this week’s video. They didn’t disappoint. They gave me some great ideas on what to do.

20160411_142440Rob Summerlin, Tim Hyatt and Collin French suggested goblet, segmented and with a captive ring. Well, I had the wood for it and I love a challenge too, so I set to the task of creating something that I never thought would be possible to turn.

20160411_104253Initially, there was the glueing up of the pieces. Each piece needed to be sanded down to ‘square’…but every piece was off a bit, so the resulting product looked very wonky indeed and more than a little precarious to turn. Still, in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say!

Check out the video below for the full story, and keep an eye out for a huge catch at about 10 minutes. It pulled the piece out the chuck and two pieces bounced off my face shield – a big reminder there for people to not take their personal safety for granted. That could have been very painful indeed.

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The end result, I called ‘Mike’ after my friend, mentor, UKIWS organiser and fellow YouTuber. (He loves it, by the way!) See below for some more images of the piece and the process and below that is a list of links to the kit I used in this project, plus other stuff I use.

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Here are search links to tools and equipment like those I use in my projects. The links have been created to show you items in Your location on your local Amazon or eBay store. If you make a purchase after following one of these links, I receive a small commission from Amazon or eBay which in turn will help keep my content free. Thank you!

Wood Blanks: Amazon | 
Spirit Stain:
Pyrography Kit:
Powdered Metals:
Dremel 3000:
Pen Kits:
Reactive Paints:Amazon |

Lathes: Amazon |
Scroll Chucks: Amazon |
Box Set of Tools: Amazon |
Bench Grinder: Amazon |
Fingernail Jig: Amazon |
Centre Finder: Amazon |
Live Centre: Amazon |

Airbrush/Compressor KitAmazon
Watercolour Pencils: Amazon
Liberon Gilt Creams: Amazon
Blow Torch: Amazon
Dremel Burrs: Amazon
Fountain Pen Kits: 
Pen Mandrels: Amazon |  

Jacobs Chucks: Amazon
Thin Parting Tool: Amazon
Captive Ring Tool: Amazon
Spiralling/Texture Tool: Amazon
Face Shield: Amazon
Respirator: Amazon

Please Note: Links are provided in good faith. Any of the products found on either Amazon or eBay are not guaranteed or endorsed by me. Neither am I paid by the manufacturers of the products linked to should you make a purchase. I receive a small commission from any purchase you make from Amazon or eBay via these links which does not increase the price of the product you purchase.

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