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Maple Wall Hanging with Molten Lead and Coke

I’ve seen Coke being poured onto molten lead on YouTube before, but not seen it being used in ‘art’, and never (that I could find) in woodturning. So I thought I’d have a go and see what happens.

20160508_153106By pouring molten lead into the centre of the piece of maple and then dousing it with Coke, you can create some amazing formations as an odd chemical reaction takes place to twist and gnarl the lead as it quickly cools.

This week, I turn a 10.5″ wall hanging from Maple with a central Crucible (hence the name) to hold the molten lead when it was poured. The video explains it all though. Needless to say, if you try this, you are responsible for your own safety and that of the people and buildings around you. I took reasonable safety precautions and I recommend you do the same.

20160508_153154For this project, I used roofing lead left over for the build of my parent’s dove cote. I have no idea how much there was in the pan, but not a lot – and it is heavy!

Lead oxidises and dulls quite quickly. To help prevent that, I painted over it with clear nail varnish. So far (48 hours later), it is doing a great job. Other than that, a few accents were added with a blow torch, then oiled, sealed and given a coat of Hampshire Sheen.

hangingTo hang it on the wall, I turned the piece with a recess, which will allow it to hang off a picture hook to and be nicely balanced. When sold, the owner can hang the piece in whichever orientation they prefer, and not one dictated by me.

‘Crucible’ wasn’t without it’s own little problem though….

Below the video are a few photos of the piece in close-up and useful links to some of the kit that I use and in particular for this project, links to lead ingots on both eBay and Amazon.[membership level=”0″]

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