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‘La Lune’ 11″ Sycamore Wall Hanging

It’s been ages since I have been able to turn something other than a demo piece in the workshop, so after UKIWS this last weekend, I took the opportunity to get back out to the shop and spend some time on the lathe.

20160622_150425The result is a piece I am calling ‘La Lune’ as the idea of the piece was to create a night sky with a bright silver moon in the centre, framed by a silver rim.

Using a rough turned demo piece of mine from UKIWS last week, I re-turned it round, refined the shape and slimmed down the walls to a more ‘arty’ thickness. The rim was angled outwards slightly so the silver gilt applied to the edge at the end would be nicely visible from the side when hanging.

20160622_150404Inside, the bottom was turned into a domed medallion and left sanded down to 80 grit. The stained area was finished down to 400 grit before the spirit stains were applied.

After that, things got crazy with the Dremel for the texturing part of the medallion. By slowing the lathe down as much as possible, I was able to create some rough spirals. There was then some additional butchery to create the final texture. To remove the tear-out, I burnished the piece with some shavings, leaving a surface suitable for the application of the gilt.

Over the top of the stains, an acrylic spray sanding sealer was applied before two coats of Hampshire Sheen High Gloss were added.

Finally, Liberon silver gilt cream was added to the medallion and rim.

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