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#65: ‘Grace’. An Antique Emerging Form

I’m so loving these new metal reactive paints that this week, I turn an emerging figurine called ‘Grace’ from a piece of Ash, inspired by my friend, Yuval Lahav in Italy.

20160701_151248Not often do I turn objet d’art, but this week, I couldn’t help myself. After seeing what can be achieved with the reactive paints, I immediately thought of a pre-Raphaelite dress flowing over a natural edge turning. And here she is.

Taking inspiration from my friend and turner Yuval Lahav in Italy and his recent emerging form videos and demonstration at UKIWS last month, I took to the lathe with a branch of Ash to bring my vision and his inspiration to life. Check out Yuval’s YouTube channel here:

errThe video below concentrates mainly on the painting of Grace, but does include all the turning in a sped-up sort of way. See the bottom of the post for links to Amazon and eBay where you can get hold of the reactive paints as well as other items I use in the workshop.

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As usual, there is a gallery of images below the video.

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