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Beginner’s Project Series: A Simple Bowl

We all get into wood turning to make bowls, but turning bowls is not quite as easy as it looks. In this beginners guide, I demonstrate in detail how I turn bowls from start to finish.

20160706_122137In this video guide, I talk you through the whole process I go through to turn a simple, but elegant bowl from a 6″ blank of sycamore.

Using a bowl gouge with an Ellsworth (or Fingernail) grind, you can see precisely the cuts I make to the outside and inside of the piece as it is turned whilst I describe what I am doing in the process.

See roughing cuts, shear scraping, hollowing and easy finishing cuts in this half an hour video.

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One thought on “Beginner’s Project Series: A Simple Bowl

  1. Hi Martin, thank you for a superb beginners session. The level of detail really helps and makes a big difference when you’re not sure what your doing!
    Have you got any tips on securing the screw into the chuck – I never feel confident that I’ve actually put it in the chuck correctly – where does it sit in relation to the jaws?
    All help gratefully received

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