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Exciting New Hampshire Sheen Variations

These two variations have been in the pipeline for a little while now, and it is with pleasure that you can now be introduced to Hampshire Sheen CarnaCrystalline and Microcrystalline Waxes. There also another one in an experimental stage.

Ever since developing Hampshire Sheen last autumn, I thought the range could grow. For several months, the High Gloss version was played with and developed before being properly launched at the United Kingdom and Ireland Woodturning Symposium (UKIWS) in June this year. Also, a turner’s stick was developed too…fondly nicknamed on social media as ‘Secret Stick’! Sample sticks were released at UKIWS to good reviews.

Following these reviews of Secret Stick, the name CarnaCrystalline was announced for the product.

Also, more recently, in order to produce Secret Stick, a considerable investment in the base product, solid microcrystalline wax (MCW) was needed. This investment was large enough to develop yet another variation of Hampshire Sheen  – a standalone Microscrystalline Wax to compete with the leading MCW producers in the UK.

Both of these new products have exceed my personal expectations and it is with great pleasure I introduce them to you:
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carnaCarnaCrystalline Wax Stick

A turner’s stick like no other. CarnaCrystalline Wax is a careful blend of carnauba wax and MCW to give you a strong and brilliant ultra glossy shine. The resulting finish is water and fingerprint resistant and generally as tough as old boots! No solvents, no oil – just the two of most hard wearing waxes known to man! A great, strong and natural feeling finish for pen turners, or for adding a huge shine to a spindle or finial…and works well on bowls too.

Despite all this strength, CarnaCrystalline Wax is incredibly easy to apply. Just run it along your piece with the lathe spinning, and then rub to a shine. Easy. See prices and order it here.

MicroMicrocrystalline Wax

MCW is a well known tough wax that is used by many different types of craft and industry. There are many different types of MCW and finding the right one for wood proved interesting. But found it I did, and this exemplary wax goes into all Hampshire Sheen paste waxes to give them an added measure of strength. MCW also works beautifully as a finish in it’s own right, and here is Hampshire Sheen’s version.

The other MCWs are good, no doubt about it. Hampshire Sheen Microcrystalline Wax really is just as good, but does not attract the same price tag. It is just as easy to apply and dries really quickly too.

MCW can be used as a tough overcoat to any wood finish on all manner of projects and has other applications too. See prices and order it here.

100% Natural Finishing Wax

This one is in it’s  infancy at the moment, and an initial trial went reasonably well. As the name suggests, this finishing wax will be 100% natural with no signs of solvent anywhere! It will be a paste wax like Original and High Gloss, but with a natural oil carrier rather than Danish Oil and solvent. If all goes to plan, then perhaps by the middle of September, I’ll be able to reveal more about it…but for now, that is all I can say about it.

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