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Save 5% On Each Order, Just For Sharing a Product

Placing an order on the website? Save 5% on the total order just by sharing one of the products in my Turner’s Shop on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Read on to find out more.

prodShareFrom today, below the image on each of the product page in the Turner’s Shop, you’ll see some new share buttons. To say Thank You when you click one of these buttons and share the product to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (or if you click the link to Like my Facebook page or Follow Me on Twitter), the website will automatically discount your order by 5%. Easy.

And every time you come back to the website to place an order (after you have claimed this one), you will see new Like and Share Buttons beneath the products.

Basically, every time you come to place a new order, you will have the option to share a product with your friends and as a thank you, I’ll save you 5% on the total cost of your order (excludes shipping).

The discounts apply to anyone who orders from the site, and if you are a website member, you will also receive a discount on your member only prices! Bargain![membership level=”0″]

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Terms and Conditions: A discount is applicable provided at least one product in the Turner’s Shop (excludes Gifts and Apparel) is shared to either your Facebook page, Twitter or LinkedIn account whilst you are placing an order at and it is not deleted. The discount is automatically applied to the entire order after one product is shared. You are entitled to consecutive discounts on each new order placed after at least one product is shared. Offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice.

Thanks for reading and watching,