Who is M. Saban-Smith?

Martin Saban-Smith
Me. Pleased to meet you.

I was shown roughly how to turn by a wheelwright called Martyn Symes at the Bath and West County Show on 29th May 2014 and haven’t looked back. As of writing this, I’ve turned virtually every day since which I guess would give me about 6 years experience compared to your ‘average’ weekend turner. There is inspiration everywhere around and I never, ever how the piece I am turning will turn out – the wood talks to me…but that is a long story!

My turning is more artistic than mass production which enables me to express ideas more creatively. Therefore, I am very happy to undertake commissioned work rather than production work, which I am likely to turn down.

I’ve been in creative industries since 2001 when I became a photographer and have since developed that into web and graphic design also. I’ve also written for newspapers and have run many websites. Since then, and a long boring story, suitable for telling over a pint of fine ale, I took up woodturning in June 2014.

I live in the Hampshire countryside and have a gorgeous girlfriend, two wonderful kids and a step-son whom I adore very much. Time spent with them is worth a thousand hours and more at the lathe.

Thank you for your interest,


One thought on “Who is M. Saban-Smith?

  1. Hi Martin.

    Today is the first time I have watched one of your video’s on you tube, Golden Fire Platter, which has inspired me to do something similar, I have been woodturning for a short time and never used an airbrush yet.
    I found out about your website from Carl Jacobson.


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