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What are Labyrinthine Designs Anyway?


Labyrinths has been a source of fascination and intrigue ever since the first ones were carved into rock thousands of years ago and Perseus fought the Gorgon Medusa in the most famous one of all. Labyrinthine means ‘maze-like’.

Some of my recent celtic designs remind me of those original labyrinths, with complex circular patterns with twists and turns.

Labyrintine-CircleAlthough my designs do not have a path from the outside to the centre, they are complex in their design and may consist of more than one ‘cord’…sometimes though, the pattern has been so complex that I cannot actually work out how many cords ended up in the finished piece!

Below is the current collection of my labyrinthine designs, each available with a personal or commercial license. They may not be ideal for the beginner pyrographer but will certainly be a challenge for everyone!

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Popular Celtic Heart Now Available for Download

heart002The Celtic Heart with vine leaves I posted on Facebook recently proved very popular with other pyrographers and resulted in various requests to use the image.

Initially, I wasn’t going to allow the design out into the world, and hog it all for myself, but I thought, ‘why not?’, so here it is.

The download is the original design scaleable .pdf I used for the original burning. I found that it is best printed to 85-90% of the original A4 size so there is a nice border or wood around the design, and it looks awesome in a frame.

Also on the pdf is a copy of the thumbnail above the first one ever done so you can see the colours and design elements as a guide.

There is a personal or commercial license option, depending upon your requirements.


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Pyrography Designs Now Available – and Get Some Free!

004I promised a couple of weeks ago that I would get the website up and going with a download facility for my pyrography and art designs. Today is the day that the first 11 designs are ready to go, with more to follow!

The plan is to add one or two new designs each week along various themes: knots, circles, hearts, boxes, repeat patterns etc, and each one will be an original design. They will also be the occasional bundle deal to be had too.

FREE Designs Monthly
There is a monthly free design when you sign up to the design mailing list. Enter your name and email address in the box to the right and I’ll send you your first design when you confirm your email address. PLUS, you also get a special 15% discount code to use against the current bundle package of all eleven designs which is already discounted by 15%. The bundle has ten of the designs currently available.

Celtic Knot #6-01What’s Available Now?
I’ve categorised the designs into Knots and Circles, Hearts, Labyrintine Designs (post about those coming soon!) and Bundles. Each of the designs is available with either a personal or commercial license, priced accordingly, the details of which can be found in the Ts&Cs.

Buying Designs
Buying is really easy. Just like any other download site, the download link will be sent to you via email with your receipt and after you complete the payment through paypal. See the Design Shop page for more information.

For now though, here are some of the designs:

[wpsc_products category_id=’148′ number_per_page=’5′]



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Olive Ash Celtic Platter

Turning this piece was an absolute joy. At 8:30 in the morning, this piece of olive ash was a table off-cut, and by 5:30 in the afternoon, I had turned it into this 370mm platter with a Celtic design burned into it.

The design burned into the centre of the piece is an original by me, and will be available for download soon.

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Celtic and Other Pyrography Art Designs Available for Download Soon

designIt can be difficult finding designs to use without possibly breaching copyright and risking trouble etc, and if you do not have either the software or the know-how to design your own accurate Celtic knot work, then it can be doubly difficult.

So, having given it some thought, and some requests for my work from social media, it is with pleasure that I can announce today that I will be offering downloads of some of my pyrography and art designs from next week.

I’ve been in graphic design for years, and never really thought about doing designs like this, so when a few people contacted me about using my designs on their own pieces, I began thinking ‘Why not?’…Here’s what I’m planning:

Each of the designs is completed from scratch in Adobe Illustrator using a complex set of design guides depending on the shape of the final design. The most useful guides will be left in place for your reference, complete with my details for licensing and contact reasons, if you need them.

Also, where I have completed the design on an actual piece, a simple thumbnail will be included for you.

For most designs, the easiest format for me to make available for download is as an A4 .pdf. This makes things simple for you to upsize or downsize the design to suit the piece you are working on.

If a design is more complicated, like a box, for example, the pdf will be sized correctly and the dimensions of the box given in the description and on the pdf, too.

FREE Exclusive Monthly Designs and Discount Codes, Direct to Your Inbox!
That’s right…some of the designs will be exclusive and completely free (for a time) for personal use for those who subscribe to the mailing list…plus, you’ll also receive notifications of when new designs are available for you AND monthly discount codes. The list will be only for pyrographers and artists and will not include any of my wood turning items…just the stuff you like to burn!

wpid-img_20150501_122302.jpgLicensing and Pricing
There will be two types of download available for purchase: Personal and Commercial.

Personal licenses will be available for a small nominal fee and permits use on items you wish to make for yourself or gifts for friends and family.

Commercial Licenses will be charged at a higher rate and permits use on items you wish to sell as part of your own business or craft sales.

I should have a fair few designs up and available soon, plus the mailing list with exclusive designs up and running in the next few days.

Thanks for reading!

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Romantic Celtic Love Hearts: Hand Pyrographed, Designed for You. Limited Time Free Frame.

Gold and silver leafed initials

Commit the initials of two lovers inside romantic interlocked Celtic love hearts in a design, just for you to inspire and encourage love and symbolise your togetherness.

The A4 hearts and initials are designed for you by the creator, Martin and then sent to you to approve the design. Your piece is then burned by hand into quality birch plywood. The initials are then coloured in your choice of colour, metallic paint (gold, silver or bronze) or precious metal leaf. To finish the piece, they are lightly sanded, then oiled, sealed and then finally lacquered to produce the complete picture. They can take up to 10 hours for each one.

Framed, they look gorgeous on the wall above the bed.

Whilst there are several hearts for Martin to choose from (with more designs every few weeks) for your initials, the vine leaves are different on each one, ensuring individuality.

You can choose to have the piece just coloured with watercolours, metallic paint, or gold, silver or copper leafed…and you can choose to have the piece framed or not too.

Watercolours understate the initials wonderfully.

When placing your order, please state the initials you would like and what colour you would like each one to be. Or if choosing the metallic leaf option, indicate which leaf you would like for each initial.

Martin will then design the piece for you and send for approval. Once approved, he’ll begin to create your design for you. If there is time, he may also send you some ‘work in progress’ photos of it too to add to the hand-made experience.

Metallic paint option.

Please note the longish completion time in the shipping section. As they take a long time to produce, a long lead-in time is necessary, but may not take that long. If you require the piece urgently, please contact us to discuss it.

If you have any queries before ordering, please do contact me and I will be very pleased to answer any queries you have. Thank you.

Thanks for reading and watching,


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Celtic Love Hearts, Joined By Golden Rings

The finished heart.

I’ve been playing with celtic designs recently, as you may have seen in a previous post and whilst that piece was very complicated, the Love Hearts I designed this week are much more simple, but the subject of love is ultimately much more complicated!

The idea for the entwined hearts came from me feeling a bit loved-up this week and generally being a very happy chappy, and I thought that a simple design of heart may be a nice idea to try to design and burn into some wood.

firstCelticHeart_001These hearts are are designed in Adobe Illustrator, taking care to keep close attention to the detail of the over and under parts of the design, and then transferred onto high quality baltic birch plywood using graphite paper. In the picture to the right, you can see the first stage of burning, which is the outline and the fainter lines of the graphite.

To get to this point takes about an hour and twenty minutes.

firstCelticHeart_004After the outline is done, the shading is added using a spoon shaped tip on the pyrography pen to smooth shadows and a 3D effect of the over-and-under aspects of the hearts.

Working out how deep the shadows should be in each place is a little bit trial and error, but soon, I realised that the close two parts of the design are, then naturally, the shadows will be deeper because they are close together! Simple really.

Finally in the burn process, a little shading to the leaves of the vines makes them more 3D too.

firstCelticHeart_007And then, as the final parts of the process, watercolour paints are added to the two hearts as you can see here.

Red, of course for the outside heart, and then a vivid yellow for the inside two.

The rings are then painted with a metallic gold enamel paint made by Humbrol.

Last but not least, a couple of coats of Danish oil are added to the surface to darken it a little and bring out the grain of the wood and then two or three coats of clear lacquer add the final ping to the piece, deepening the vibrancy of the colour and beautifully finishing off the piece, ready for sale.

All in, the time taken for these pieces is about 6 hours.

My work is available to buy from my real-world shop in Hampshire called Martin’s Bazaar (see map below), or you can order it directly online from the Etsy shop, as well as work from other talent artists who sell through the shop.


Find Martin’s Bazaar and Garthowen Garden Centre and Coffee Shop on Google Maps

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