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Claim Me


What if I were the only one who could rescue you?
What if I was the only one who could love you like no-one else?

What if I was the only one who could see you for who you really are?
The one who could make you shine as brightly as I know you can.

How would you feel if I were to take you by the hand and show you how love should be,
and not the barbed-wire wrap you find yourself in now?

Reach out to me, and I’ll help you from the stinging binds you find yourself in,
and bring you back to where you should be, where you deserve to be.

I can see the light fading as he slowly whittles you away,
Piece by piece he will dismantle you. I cannot allow that to happen.

Take my hand and see the light within yourself, the brightness I can see is there,
but has been hidden from you and the world by his abuse.

You deserve to be seen, to be heard and listened to,
Let me help you be who you should be, not what he wants you to be.

Have courage in yourself and allow yourself to move away;
Free yourself from the toxic world in which he holds you. He is a disgrace.

He has no right to treat you how he does. He is an abuser:
A man who gets pleasure from controlling you. He does not deserve a name.

You deserve everything better than he can ever be.
Reward yourself with a life of freedom and a love that is brave and true.

Free yourself. Take my hand, and let us walk together,
Free to be who we want to be, and support each other in everything we do.

Remember that I love you. Remember that I will put you first,
Remember that no matter what, I will be here for you.

Claim me. Claim me now as yours,
Before I have to close the door to you,
For there is someone out there who will truly want the love I give.


24th February 2014

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Missing Valentine

valentineIt is cold in here, and so, so lonely,
Pray for me, and hold my hand,
For I wept in the mist of February mornings,
For my missing valentine.

I know she had it in her heart, the light I sought,
and I felt it in her whenever I saw her.
It shone like a beacon, drawing me to her,
My missing valentine.

The blackness created by my mistakes haunted me,
It plagued every thought of every day,
Whilst every thought seemed to be of her,
My missing valentine.

From the fathoms depth of my soul,
to every foot of my elation to be with her.
Everything I did, was with her in mind,
My missing valentine.

She finds herself now with him,
and I feel a gladness for the light in her eyes today.
For what might have been, my heart cries,
But for her happiness, my soul smiles,
My missing valentine.


14th February 2014


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Graveyard of my Mind Part 2


Part 2

I saw you tonight, with the eyes I fell so badly for,
they were darker than I remember, and consumed by thought.
And then, from the ivy, I saw your hand.

It reached up and I took it willingly in mine
and listened to what you had to say,
You told me all you needed to. Your eyes wouldn’t lie?

For the moment, you are lost,
between who you thought you were and who you actually are,
and you are in need of finding out for certain.

I can see within you who you really are,
Your eyes tell me everything I need to know.
You are not far away, you need to allow yourself to be free.

Time will tell for you, I know it will,
and you will find the right path to walk, and when you do,
be sure to tread it confidently.

You held me. You meant it. I meant it too.
We were together, and there is still something there,
I’m sure you feel it as much as I do, but you deny it to yourself.

You need to find out if your choices are positive,
or are they as destructive as they were before?
This is a lesson we know you must learn alone.

One day, you will show me if I have to pull you from the ivy,
and take you with me, or let it cover you forever,
A reminder of what was, and what might have been.


28th January 2014

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Graveyard of my Mind Part 1


Part 1

I have shed the stone cloak you hung on my shoulders with your treatment of me,
and the dusty waste of disappointment lies scattered at my feet,
it blows round the creeping ivy in the wind.

It pushed me down till I was on my knees and crushed,
but you have shown me now that all my breath and energy was wasted.
I will stand against my foolishness, and know that I was right.

Each little memory of us, has been placed in a grave in my mind,
with it’s own little headstone, carefully carved with the name and the date:
A reminder of what was, and what might have been.

The twisting ivy of my life will creep over them, and smother them from view,
but they will always be there, easily found and reminded of,
The Solitary Hill and the Song for Sienna will forever be ours, and I will not hear them now.

You captured me with your poisoned kisses and held me for support,
You told me that you loved me and played with my feelings,
when you were not even sure of your own.

Now you have entered my head, there you will have to remain,
confined to the grave I have given you and to be covered in ivy:
a reminder of what was, and what might have been.

How difficult would it be to reach from your grave and ask for my hand,
and tell me how you felt instead of your wordless message?
I regard you with pity, but wish you future strength.

The fairytale you believed was ours you willingly and quickly destroyed,
and you have returned, to the manipulation and the control.
But you never really left, did you?

I just ask why you are so blinkered when the rest of us believe we see the truth.


27th January 2014


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Want to Know a Secret? A New Book is Born…and This is How.

The year has not yet ended and I have already started work on my new book!
No sooner has ‘The Veil’ been out in the world for readers all over to discover, my next book was born to me last night.

Coming soon...
Coming soon…

I knew what the story was going to be months ago, but this weekend, thanks in no small part to my Dad, the story of ‘The Punch and Judy Man’ truly began to take shape.

So let’s go back a couple of months to when the idea for the new book arrived. This is not so much a statement, more of a question…perhaps it is a rhetorical one…Have you everr looked at someone or something and thought to yourself ‘Yes, that’s the one’, ‘Yep, there’s the thing’, or ‘Oh my God, there is the thing/person I’ve been looking for.’? Well, something like that happened to me and my new story sprang from something I spotted on TV. You’ll have to read the story to get more information!

And now, let me take you back twenty four hours or so to when the plot was born: I was sitting in the kitchen with my girlfriend Sarah, my mum and dad, and I think my children Xander and Clara were there too. I was talking about my current book, The Veil and digressed into the extremely rough plot I had been thinking about for my second book when my Dad said something to me that triggered pretty much the entire story of The Punch and Judy Man off in my head. There it was for me to write down as quickly as I could into my notebook. I’ve never had such a thorough moment of inspiration as that before! It was extremely profound (I use that word a lot, by the way!!).


After writing the basic plot down as it arrived in my head, thanks to Dad’s comical comment of ‘they have an orgy’, I managed to sleep and woke to a world of new ideas. Some of which I managed to scribble down, others were dismissed straight away!

Now, for those of you that don’t know, I work as a rock climbing instructor in a town near me called Alton. Today, the plot lines really began to unfold in my head. Firstly, I was driving my wonderful girlfriend and children Xander and Clara to the wall when a new idea struck me. I had nothing with me to write on, so I had to tap it into my phone! For those of you who work in the world of writing or other creative media, you’ll know that typing an idea into a phone is not the best way to get your idea down accurately! Never-the-less, that’s what I had to do! I hoped that my typing captured everything I hoped it would before the kids got bored!

Throughout the day, I had other small ideas that I had to leave behind. Not because they were rubbish, but because with rock climbing, sometimes you have someone’s life literally in your hands. It doesn’t bother me. I would rather my loved ones and friends are safe. Ideas for plot lines of stories come over and over again. I find that those that are really important are quite tenacious and hang on, not allowing themselves to  be forgotten!

Let me let me you into a secret though…the new book is not just a book! It will be a whole lot more. There was a moment of inspiration this evening that managed to fit everything into place…and now I have more than one story to write for you, plus the book to ut them all into context for you. It may sound complex, but, as the photo here vaguely shows…anything is possible with pens, a pencil, some A3 paper, laptop, tablet, smart phone and a glass of wine!

I’m convinced already that you are going to love what I am going to write for you. Stay tuned. Sign up to my news letter as not everything may be posted here! Take a peek at my Facebook page and Twitter feeds too.

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The Veil – OUT NOW at Amazon!

Click to order your copy!

I can scarcely believe that it has been over two years since I started writing The Veil and it is now out there in the world for you to enjoy!

Available currently on Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions, The Veil was published on 19th December 2013.

Already, two reviews have been received, suggesting that it is

A fascinating read… an ingenious plot that kept me guessing till the end.

and the other review gave it 4 stars on Amazon saying:

“Disturbingly entertaining… An interesting first book. A very ‘dark’ story with a brilliant twist.”

amazon-reviewAt the moment, the Kindle edition of The Veil is just £1.99p whilst the paperback version is £8.99 plus postage. Ordering ‘The Veil’ from the US? Click Here.

Thinking of buying your own copy? Check out the first TWO chapters completely FREE on The Veil website

Find out how M. Saban-Smith wrote The Veil in the first of a two part story



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Uh Oh…Veil Cover Rethink and Competition

Who would have thought designing a cover could be so tricky? Well, I should have done, having a background in graphic design!

Thanks to a comment on my Facebook page , from a friend of mine, I have decided to have a bit of a rethink on the cover for The Veil. I really like the first one, as that is pretty much how I saw the cover in my mind’s eye from the beginning…but now I’m not so sure. Thanks, Simon!

So here is a collection of all four designs I’ve put together…leave a comment at the bottom of the page and let me know which one you prefer and why. I’ll send a signed copy of the paperback edition of the book to the person who leaves (what I think is) the most constructive comment (UK readers only. Sorry!). Thank you!

Here are your four cover options:

Which one do you prefer? Click picture to see larger version.
Which one do you prefer? Click picture to see larger version.

Don’t forget to leave comment telling me which one and why should be the cover I use to be in with a chance to win a signed copy.

Closing date, Friday 20th December 2013. No cash alternative. The winner will be notified on 20th December. Winner must be in the UK and provide a UK delivery address. Signed paperback  copy of The Veil will be posted when copies become available.

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The Veil: The Cover

It has been a long time coming, but The Veil is almost ready to be released into the big wide world! The final, final editing is under way and the ISBN numbers have been ordered. The writing software is ready to format for Kindle and paperback, and I’ve designed the cover.

To say the writing experience has been enjoyable would be an understatement, and for those people that know me, I do like to understate things! The cover of The Veil though is not quite an understatement as you can see. There is more on the cover than I had originally planned, but the addition of the flames adds a nice burst of colour to it. Hopefully, it will attract the attention of readers. What do you think? Do you think this cover could cut the mustard?

Web_bookCoverI am currently looking at a publication date of Friday 20th December.

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Coming December 2013 – 'The Veil'

M. Saban-Smith is pleased to announce that his debut novel, ‘The Veil’ will be published in December 2013.

“…Following his sudden and unexpected death, Aiden Williamson is given permission to return to the earthly plain for seven days to visit his partner, Naomi. He is only allowed to tell her that he loves her and that he is safe before returning to continue his journey. If he fails to return, the Principium Angeli will allow Charon, the Ferryman to seek him out and transfer him across the river Styx into Hell.

Not knowing how to communicate with Naomi to pass on his message, Aiden decides to stay as her guardian angel and deal with Charon later, should he ever appear. But there would be more painful events for Aiden to face before the Ferryman catches up with him.

Naomi, convinced by her friend Jane that she has to move on with her life, finds a new friendship, but when this relationship turns intimate, Aiden uses the immense strength of his jealousy to turn the lovers against each other with devastating mental effect.

Undeterred and still unaware that she has a guardian watching over her, Naomi visits a very aged aunt who can see far more than she can and tells Naomi of her own experiences. She knows of the Principium Angeli, and of Charon, and how dangerous they can be to wandering souls. She knows too, that the veil that separates the living from the dead is thin and that it only takes extreme emotion to tear through it and allow departed souls to return.

Naomi faces having to begin her life again and vows to find love and keep it. But, she needs to find a way to help the dead rest and ensure the veil is not torn. She has to live her own life, and not the one her guardian believes she should…”

readtheveilTo read and listen to extracts of The Veil, click the image.