gallery2A collection of hi-quality images from my wood turning work from March 2015 onwards. Woods used here include Sycamore, Yew, Oak, Ash, Olive Ash, Purple Heart, Walnut, Lime, Cherry, Birdseye Maple, and Beech Burr.

Hover over each image and you will see the type of wood, and the title of the piece if it has one, and if  it is sold or still available; Click on the images to see the larger versions of each image. If you have any queries about a piece shown here, please contact me, and I will be very pleased to help.

Thanks for reading and watching,

5 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Dear Martin I have enjoyed your presentations and your simple, yet basic explanation’s on the use and positions of the tools. I have seen other presentations but you simplify the instructions and people like me can understand your instructions more clearly. I have recommended your presentations to other beginners like me and we got so much pleasure putting these instructions into practice. Thanking You, James from Ireland.

  2. Martin you work is absolutely stunning, not only the turning which is first class, but the artistic thought and design shines through brilliantly. My Pgod I m so jealous!

  3. Hi Martin, your work is very professional and I can watch your videos hugged times! I try to copy some of your work, but they just will not be as good as yours. I am very interested in your Hampshire sheen. Do you ship to Italy?
    Many greetings from South Tyrol!

  4. Hi Saban
    is a pleasure see your work Inspired me to do same works, you are a professional woodturning.
    I wish you luck to sale.
    thanks to show us your work
    to france

    1. Thanks, Joao. I wish you much luck and many sales in your journey to become a professional turner.
      All the best,

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