Introducing the Intrinsic Colour Collection

For quite a while now, I’ve been thinking about putting my own range of colours together. Yes, I know there are several companies out there with stains and dyes of many different colours. I found though, that they all seem to be ‘off the shelf’ colours and much the same as each other.



belonging naturally; essential.
“access to the arts is intrinsic to a high quality of life”

For quite a while now, I’ve been thinking about putting my own range of colours together. Yes, I know there are several companies out there with stains and dyes of many different colours. I found though, that they all seem to be ‘off the shelf’ colours and much the same as each other.

After using a couple of different brands of spirit stains (which I really enjoyed using, btw), a wonderful discovery of Crimson Guitars Stunning Stains lead me down a water based path, and now I prefer the water based colours over spirit based ones.

After a lot of success with those colours, I recently took the decision to develop my own range of by blending ‘off the shelf’ pigments into a set of eleven highly complementary and modern colours. Five months later, and a lot of experimenting later, I’m pleased to introduce you to the Intrinsic Colour Collection – a set of water based wood dyes.

Each colour in the range was worked out to complement as many of the other colours in the range as possible, giving you the widest possible combination of colours for your work.

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What are They? Being water based, they are non-flammable, environmentally friendly and afford you a longer working time than alcohol based stains and dyes. They sink deeply into the wood and preserve the appearance of the figure in the wood, releasing the hidden subtleties and enhancing chatoyance. Apply more than one coat of dye to build up sumptuous depth of colour and atmosphere, and add a black or earth undercoat for an even more dramatic effect. The downloadable video guide goes into depth about using the colours in a variety of techniques.

For the adventurous colourist, Intrinsic Colours can be mixed together to create even more shades or thinned with water for a lighter shade.

Presentation: Professional presentation is important, and like Hampshire Sheen, the range has been designed to present it as a professional and quality product.

It is important these days for an independent product to stand out from its more established competitors.

The full size 250ml bottles come in their own boxes with wipe-clean labels so the colour name can always be visible, a short colouring guide, going over the important points of how to apply the Intrinsic Colour range. There is also a handy guide for colourblind woodturners and woodworkers wishing to use the colours to their work. See below for this information, too.

A set of all eleven 250ml bottles plus a bottle of my preferred Danish Oil, which has an added UV filter comes in a smart black card box together with an in depth colouring guide leaflet. The guide has photos of the colouring process I favour and screenshots of the full length video that is also included with each set as a download with purchase. And, there is also (as a trial, at least), a very fine 3M Scotch-Brite™ pad for cutting back raised grain and the Danish Oil if users follow the guide to the letter!

15ml sample bottles are available in complete sets, boxed in black card and include a brief colouring guide and a link to download the full length video.

The sets are a brilliant and affordable way for woodturners and woodworkers  to try the dyes out before taking the plunge with individual colours or the complete boxed set.

Lightfast? No colour is 100% lightfast. They will all fade in time. The pigment manufacturer has given me assurance that they are light fast for at least as long as a normal household paint. To increase the lightfastness, I am making available bottles of my preferred Danish Oil which has an added UV filter to ensure the longest possible fade-free lifetime.

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The Colours: Below are photos of the colours on samples of sycamore, sanded down to 400 grit and wiped with a light coat of Danish Oil. The colours here are as accurately reproduced as possible, but should be used a guide only as screen calibrations vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and device to device…and of course, the final colours will vary from wood to wood. You should test the colours before actual use to ensure compatibility and suitability.

Whilst they have pretty descriptive names, to colourblind people, they won’t mean much. After speaking to couple of colourblind woodturners, I’m pleased to say that there will be a detailed guide of what each colour is in each product in the range, ensuring that everyone can use the colours successfully.

Intrinsic Colour Guide:

Black: In several coats you can build up a deep, pure black shade.
Burnt Orange: A dark orange, on the orangey side of brown.
Earth: A warm brown, the colour of drying mud. Sounds bad, but makes a great undercoat or accent colour.
Flame: A bright yellow-orange. Add luxurious fire by blending with Burnt Orange and Ruby.
Forest Green: Rich green, quite dark, a lot like Jade. A great accent colour and blends well with Straw and Honey.
Honey: A glorious yellow. Superb as a bold single colour or a ‘wash’ overcoat.
Midnight Blue: Deep blue with hint of purple. Add to quilted figure and catch the purple glint as you turn the piece.
Plum: Sumptuous Purple. Looks quite Royal, lending an air of expense to your work.
Ruby: Darkish red, Ruby adds a deep and opulent shade which blends superbly with Burnt Orange
Stone Blue: A fairly bright blue. Mixes magnificently with Midnight Blue.
Straw: A rich yellowy-green. Almost grasslike, one of the brightest colours and mixes well with Stone Blue to create a luxury green.

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17 thoughts on “Introducing the Intrinsic Colour Collection

  1. I am interested in using Intrinsic Colours for decorating a table top to be used by my grandchildren as a study table. I would like to protect the colors and table top with a protective coat of varnish or polyurethane finish. Is it necessary or advisable to use a sealant directly over the IC and under the topcoat of varnish or poly? If so what would you recommend. Thanks for any suggestions.

    1. Hi Steven. Thanks for the comment. I would always recommend sealing the surface of the wood before applying any finish whether colours are used or not. My usual sealer to use is the Hampshire Sheen Pre-Thinned Cellulose Sealer. It removes a small amount of colour from the surface of the wood, revealing the grain and figure beneath, which looks great. If that’s not for you, I’d suggest using a spray sealer. As with all colours and sealers, make sure they are completely dry before moving on to the next step of the finishing process!
      Please do send over a picture when it’s done. It’s always great to see work finished using the products I make! Thanks, and have a creative weekend.

  2. Hey Martin, Bill Foreman here from Connecticut, USA. Very interested in your Intrinsic colors. Are they available in the US. If not can I get direct from you. I’ve been using Hampshire Sheen and like it very much. Been enjoying your videos. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Bill. Thanks for the comment. I’m working on getting the colours over to your side of the pond with the US manufacturer of Hampshire Sheen. Hopefully within a few weeks, we’ll be have a solid plan to get them over there for you.
      All the best,

  3. Hi Martin I am looking forward to trying the coloured stain trial pack I have just ordered, I find the Hampshire sheen an excellent product. Watched many of your videos on U tube and get some great ideas for turning. Keep up the good work. Phill

  4. Hi Martin
    Will you be selling the ‘sample’ packs of your colour collection? It would be a perfect package for turners just getting into colouring and wanting to experiment. I would definitely go for one of those, but I’m hoping to win one!! All the best. Really enjoy watching your videos.

    1. Hi Jean. Thanks for the comment. Yes, there are sample packs of the colours in 15ml bottles. They will come with a little ‘How-To’ card as well.
      All going well, the collection will be available for ordering by the end of this week.
      All the best,

  5. Hi Martin
    I’m fairly new to woodturning and just experiencing colour for the first time and I must say these all look fantastic and I love the fact they are water based so can be used on food safe products. A good job fantastically done!
    I’m at present trying to get up to date by watching all your you tube clips!! You’ve done loads!!!
    Cheers mate

  6. Hi Martin
    I think that you are on a winner here with your stains they really look the part and look like they will cover just about anybody’s need for colour and being waterbased will allow for overseas turners/woodworkers to take advantage of your products.
    Congratulations on the next step of your business empire.

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