‘Shavings’ Rewards

New for July ’17 is a rewards points system where customers with accounts will be awarded ‘Shavings’ on their orders and reviews so they can save them up for a discount on a future purchase*.

Here’s how it works:

  • One ‘Shaving’ will awarded to you for every pound you spend;
  • You can save your Shavings up in your account and spend them all at once or a few at a time;
  • The exchange rate is 100 ‘Shavings’ for £1.00 off your next order;
  • Earn 50 ‘Shavings’ for each product review you leave;
  • Some products will have special Shavings Bonuses on earning you even more!;
  • New customers will automatically receive 100 ‘Shavings’ Points when opening an account.

Sign up for an account here and get 100 shavings, just for doing so!

*Shavings Reward Points cannot be used against the purchase of gift vouchers.