Hampshire Sheen Danish Oil for Coloured Woods 500ml

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Our Danish Oil with UV filter is perfect for applying over coloured wood products to help prolong the longevity of the applied colour and also that of the wood itself. Can also be used on exterior projects.

This is the same oil available with the Intrinsic Colour Range in 250ml bottles and is my preferred oil for applying over coloured work.

When current stocks are exhausted, it will be discontinued.

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Specially developed to be thinner, more penetrating and less smelly than similar products, this Danish Oil is also suitable for exterior projects. Containing only pure Tung Oil, UV absorbing additive and solvent, there are no artificial varnish, resins or other vegetable oils.

For items designed for contact with food or toys, we recommend the use of our Food and Toy Safe Danish Oil.

– Over 50% Tung Oil;
– Odourless when dry;
– Penetrating and protecting;
– Will not chip, flake or peel;
– Naturally water resistant.

For Use on Indoor Decorative Items Only. Contains hydrocarbons. To prevent the product drying out quickly, keep tin sealed when not in use. Store above 10 C (41F). Prevent from freezing. Flammable. No Smoking. Do not ingest. May cause drowsiness. Use only in a well ventilated area. Irritant to skin and eyes. Wear suitable personal protection. Do not store saturated cloth or towel together. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN

Use within 6 months of purchase

Sorry. This product cannot be shipped to Iceland or South Africa

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 76 x 76 x 150 mm


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