Turner’s Journey

“A Turner’s Journey” is now a daily video blog charting my progress from becoming an experienced novice woodturner to a carving a full time career out of turning wood and associated products.

The idea came about following a daily 2 week series of videos on my YouTube channel describing the ups and downs of preparing for a three day show. The response I had was so amazing that I thought an ongoing weekly video would be a good idea. It became daily again in August 2017. Below is the playlist so you can watch from here.

10 thoughts on “Turner’s Journey

  1. Hi Martin
    I enjoy watching your progress, each video is definately improving and interesting.
    A tip for your platters, instead of marking where the chuck is and remounting it.
    Remove the chuck with the platter attached, do your texturing then screw the whole lot back on, it has to be aligned.

  2. Martin, Enjoying your videos and newsletter, I ‘ve subscribed to your channel and watch avidly to what you put out, is this the same as the Turners Journey? Ron

    1. Thanks, Ron. There are two aspects to my YouTube Channel – one is Turner’s Journey which follows what I get up to in the workshop each each, as you’ve seen. I post each video on this site too, as well as a playlist of all of the videos on their own page. The other aspect is the actual turning videos. They too are posted here with some photos of the piece turned, plus a bit of information about it.
      So please you watch the videos. I hope you find them useful and inspirational.

  3. really enjoying your weekly Journey Martin, and really looking forward to maybe seeing you during you intended “tour” next year. Great work, keep it up.

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