New Video Series Coming in March ’22

It has been a long, long time since I posted any video content other than live streaming, but today, 2nd February I am starting work on a new series of videos.

Scheduled to start at the beginning of March, the series will be looking at looking at the tools I use in the workshop and why I use them. There will be episodes on the gouges and their grinds, the PPE I choose to use, sharpening and more besides. You will have seen me use these tools, but perhaps not exactly why I use them. This series will sort that out.

One episode of my new series ‘The Tools I Use and Why I Use Them’ filmed and edited this afternoon.The first one filmed is about why I use the ProEdge sharpening system.So far, so good. Filming again tomorrow and Friday. The series is looking good for a start at the beginning of March. Fingers crossed!

Disclaimer: There will be no sponsored or paid for product placement in the series. All the tools shown are my own that have been purchased over time. There may however, be links provided to where you can buy the same tools if you are interested.

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